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  1. Thanks for the interest though!
  2. Ah yeah, guess we're not the only ones to tilt our wigs! To be honest we're yet to update the menu but it's coming soon, Pizza's and locally sourced burgers.etc, nothing spectacular but we want it to be good quality!
  3. Thanks for everything Dave, your support means a lot to us! Hugely excited to have you coming in and I'm certain we'll have an awesome night! Can't wait!
  4. Thanks, I hope that no offense was taken, I guess we're a little sensitive too because we do genuinely want this to work. And we totally see where you're coming from, to be honest there is far more to learn from the negative comments than the purely positive ones (although there absolutely welcome too! haha) we'll certainly take your suggestions to heart. It seems like you've bad experiences with this sort of thing in the past, and we'd be really chuffed if you want to come in to the pub for a chat (it says you're in Edinburgh on your profile, but if you're ever up here!) , it's always better than doing things over a forum, where it's easy to come across in the wrong light! I'd be happy to go over our diary, promo plans.etc and get your feedback! Cheers for the reply! ;-)
  5. Please don't take this the wrong way Idol, we encourage comment and suggestion. But if you know of a way that venues can work together, then please feel free to suggest it instead of just shooting us down! We really don't feel that we're in competition with anyone in Aberdeen (other than maybe Wetherspoons and the evil giants who seek to destroy all independents maybe! lol) As for Drummonds, Tunnels, Lemontree, Moorings.etc I say the more the merrier! The last thing we want to do is fight with those guys, they know what they're doing and in a one on one fight....they'd win! So we fully encourage anyone who's bringing in music/acts/dj's whatever, if the scene flourishes then hopefully so will we!
  6. Umm, sorry but at the end of the day it wasn't us that put this thread up, it was a promotor/artist who was kind enough to offer us support and encouragement, for which we're hugely thankful. So the main point of this thread had absolutely nothing to do with us trying to 'drum up business', but more a heads up to artists.etc, from someone who is involved in the local music scene (again we had nothing to do with the thread starting up!) We were invited to come on and comment on this thread, and in the spirit of honesty, I've been more than happy to answer any questions or suggestions. To be honest, we really don't need to use threads such as this to drum up business, but I guess there has to be someone to play Devils Advocate! But as for this comment... "I just find the way they've put themselves across on this website recently as almost trying to oppose this/these certain "OTHER" venue/venues. It almost seems like a sort of "the other venues are rubbish and don't care about local artists, but we're new and we will care - we promise!" scenario, if you get my drift. And I've never been a big fan of that. I always felt Aberdeen (and every city in general) would benefit if venues worked alongside eachother and not only co-existed, but pulled together, allowed cross-promotion, and competed with eachother slightly less, and certainly without the level of ill-feeling there seems to be between a lot of venues." We haven't said a single thing against any other venues (check who's posting what!), that came from another commentator! We aren't trying to compete with anyone but business is business at the end of the day, however we want to promote live music in Aberdeen not just in the Wig. We only have the space and budget to attract a certain calibre of act, but we'll do anything we can to promote bigger acts who are coming to the city, as Aberdeen is too often overlooked on tour schedules! I'm sorry, but I feel that your comments are very misplaced!
  7. By the way, once we refurb in January we are going to have a wee gallery space in the snug area (which is getting a major facelift/refurb) and would love to display works by local artists and photographers (will sell these from behind the bar commission free too!), also the screens in bar will be used to promote works too, so anyone who wants to display or knows anyone who may do, we'll be more than happy to discuss.
  8. Thank you sooo much Maria, like I say the level of support we've been receiving has been nothing short of amazing and we're feeling really positive about things. This site is fantastic and has helped prove to us that we can really make a go of it and that there is demand in Aberdeen for the type of place we want the Wig to be! We're not some faceless brewery pub and we're depending on the Wig for our livelihood, and with a wee one to support it's vital we make things work, so it's in our best interest to do things right! Beyond all that though we actually love the bar and can't wait to get it up to the level it deserves to be at, a lot of people are very fond of the Wig and we sincerely hope we can live up to everyones expectations and I think by being open and honest about our plans, people (although not everyone may agree) will hopefully respect what we're doing. For example we kicked out Sky Sports, primarily because it doesn't fit with our plans or vision of the pub, but also because we would have been paying Sky more on an annual basis than we're currently paying any of our staff...or ourselves! Seriously! A few folk have moaned about not having the football on, but as soon as the above is explained to them they soon come around to our way of thinking! Plus there's plenty of places to watch the footie (pubs with a million flat screens/3D.etc) and not everyone wants to sit in a bar and listen to 20 or 30 guys shouting abuse at a TV! We absolutely encourage anyone to ask questions or make suggestions, as we want the Wig to have a real community spirit, especially amongst the music fans in town! Thanks again to everyone on here!
  9. We do, but they have to travel to reach us so have been on the lookout, luckily I can do a lot of that myself, but we'll be bringing someone in anyway!
  10. Can also follow us on Facebook... Tilted Wig Aberdeen | Facebook
  11. Please note, we're having our grand launch night on the 2nd of October with Jerry Harmon, an amazing bluegrass guitarist and storyteller (and quite a wit!) and an exclusive support set kindly organised especially for the night by Flaxman and Friends. Jerry Harmon "Smoky Mountain Gypsy" Tickets on sale from OneUp 5.50
  12. http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/gigs-event-announcements/62546-tilted-wig-acoustic.html
  13. Very negotiable with things like venue hire, can work something out but basically all we really care about is covering costs. At the moment it's more about building the reputation than making profit and of course we'll still have the bar take anyway. Give us a shout if you want to discuss... thetiltedwig@gmail.com
  14. Yep, spot on in the back right corner. We know space is at a premium and visibility would be an issue along the bar, however we already have a video camera which will be pointing down towards the stage and a live feed of the artists on stage will run to the flat screens behind the bar and in the snug, so at least people will be able to see who's on, even if we fill up!
  15. Thanks soo much for the support Alan, it's great to get positive feedback and to have people who are genuinely supportive, instead of trying to knock people who are trying to make positive changes! In fact we've been genuinely humbled by the level of support we've received thus far, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, we just hope we can repay the kind sentiments by making the Wig as good a venue as it possibly can be! Oh, and what I listed above is just for starters folks, we know EXACTLY what we're doing! ;-P
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