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  1. Just a wee note to let people know that The Carousels will be appearing in the Alternative Tent at Enjoy Music Festival, currently scheduled for 4pm. New LP, 'Sail Me Home, St Clair' out on vinyl & all digital formats. Promises to be a great show! New video for 'Silvio' here: Hope to see some of you there! Cheers!
  2. Aye aye. I never noticed the Johnny Cash thing but there's an alsatian on the roof!
  3. Keith band The Carousels live in Brixton on Saturday night as part of the Northern Star Records Weekender, performing alongside The Telescopes.
  4. The Carousels played their debut London show on Saturday night in Brixton at a packed-out Windmill as part of the Northern Star Records Weekender. The whole gig is available on YouTube, which can be found by looking at the videos to the right of this clip. Here's a tune from the night.... The band's track 'Call Along The Coast' has also been selected for the cult 'Psychedelica' series of Northern Star compilations, now in its 5th volume. The full track-listing can be seen here at the following link: http://www.northernstarrecords.com/node/160
  5. Here's the official video to The Carousels' 'Call Along The Coast', filmed in Stockholm and Keith!
  6. Keith band The Carousels will be performing in London on Saturday 23rd March as part of the second Northern Star Records Weekender at Brixton Windmill, sharing a bill with legendary band The Telescopes. Also featuring that weekend are the phenomenal German band, The Lost Rivers who released their epic debut LP 'Sin And Lostness' last year as well as 93MillionMilesFromTheSun who played in Aberdeen recently alongside The Carousels and His Name Is Codeine. Their record 'Northern Sky' was a big-seller in One Up. Here's the full line-up: NSW2_zps158fee04.jpg
  7. I'm genuinely gutted at One Up's demise, particularly for the employees. Important part of my life for the last 15 years I'd say. Many a happy 45 minutes flicking through the 2nd hand section on a Thursday night after work, sometimes coming away with nothing, sometimes leaving with my pockets considerably lighter. A nightmare scenario for the anorak.
  8. Hi guys, Just to let you know that Keith band The Carousels' debut LP 'Sweet Northern Light' is now available from iTunes for the sum of £6.32! Here's the LP's opener: Thanks.
  9. Thanks Kirsten! Just trying to spread the good word and all that! Glad you like it
  10. 'Sweet Northern Light' now available from iTunes. Go on, be a devil!
  11. Sorry folks, I maybe should've posted this in The Keith Show programme! I think it's a great achievement from a band from Keith. KEXP always seem to have their finger on the pulse, and while yes, the download of the track is free, where the band will benefit is from people requesting & buying their record & getting the name out. Every track on the LP has received at least one play I think. Will be interesting to see how many records they sell off the back of it.
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