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Attention We Become Less fans...

Jimmy Lucifer

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We Become Less are going on an indefinite hiatus as of this week so the tour in August and probably the gig with The Blueprint in September in Aberdeen will not go ahead.

I'm not going into the reasons why we're taking a break, needless to say we have things musically and personally to sort out.

See you all at some point. Hopefully.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

what a bizarre bump!

i read the first post and thought "eh? when was the last time they played a gig?" before realising it was written in 2004

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they were a great band, and I did see them do that reformation show, just wish they could have continued to write songs, shame to see all that potential just kinda go to waste.

Anyone heard from jim lately?

I was speaking to him on AIM a while back and he was telling me he had to go pick up something from Quentin Tarantino's house or something...

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Oops - looks like they won't be on the bill anymore - but will be there with samplers....

No, no. We are indeed playing the Bridge 9 gig on the 1st of June. Anyone who likes hardcore and doesn't come to this gig is a fool. Ruiner AND Polar Bear Club AND Defeater? Bridge Nine are truly spoiling us.

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