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  1. PEAVEY XR 600C * 6 Balanced xlr inputs, with jack inputs too that will accept line ins / guitars or whatever. * 3 band sweep eq on each channel (bass mid treble) * Master graphic eq * Effects loop * Also has tape in and tape out on phonos so you can use that for running music / stereo soruces through. This is suited to match with a pair of 200-300 watt 4 ohm speakers and makes an excellent practice / vocal PA head for a band. Unfortunately our speakers were stolen, but we still have the stands which can be chucked in for free if needed. It's been well used, a couple of the knobs have snapped off on the first channel, but are still usable, overall it's been an a brilliant PA, but we have no use for it now... Looking for 140 o.n.o Cheers
  2. Hey folks, the gig tonight has been moved to Drummonds as Tunnels is experiencing power problems
  3. This Saturday folks! On a side note: If anyone's in Dundee, the same bill is happening the night before at the Balcony Bar, then we, the Hijacks are playing with Nothington in Glasgow on Sunday and Edinburgh on Monday, if anyone's reading from around there. NOTHINGTON [uS] - BYO Records
  4. ...and everyone but 999 are still playing on the Saturday night, new thread here: http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/gigs-event-announcements/59654-hijacks-shatterhand-emos-joey-terrifying-%40-drummonds-sat-20th-feb.html
  5. GFN? PRESENTS A NIGHT OF PUNK & SKA WITH: THE HIJACKS High-energy, full-throttle political ska-punks kick off their first Aberdeen show of the year and it will most certainly be good times. Upbeat melodic anthems in an Against All Authority/Streetlight Manifesto/Op Ivy stylee. www.myspace.com/hijackska SHATTERHAND Grizzly melodic 'gruff' punk rock legends from Falkirk bring their brand of passionate political hardcore punk to Aberdeen for the first time in aages. Expect big guitars and bigger sing-a-long choruses in a Dag Nasty/Leatherface/Descendents style from punks old enough to know better! www.myspace.com/shatterhand THE EMOS These gobby obnoxious hardcore party punks from Bolton will be joining us in Aberdeen for the final time, as they are splitting up after the last of their dates in March. This is not good times, but at least we'll get to party and jump around like goons with them one last time. www.myspace.com/theemos JOEY TERRIFYING Full-blast balls-out ska-core punk'n'roll mayhem from the east coast of nowhere return to Aberdeen. This is one of the first shows with new drummer Chic of PMX fame, so expect things to be more brutal and chaotic than ever before. Deece! www.myspace.com/wearejoeyterrifying SATURDAY 20TH FEBRUARY 2010 CAFE DRUMMONDS, BELMONT ST, ABERDEEN Doors @ 8pm. 4 tax.
  6. Hey Levi, digging your stuff, how you enjoying Grays?
  7. Hey folks, I've recently been creating an online presence for my design work and thought I'd post it up here to spread the word. I graduated from Grays School of Art last year and have been working freelance since, mainly for the music industry. I studied Design for Digital Media and have a wide range of services to offer: Web & Myspace Design Album Artwork Merch / Apparel Design Poster / Advertising Design Logo / Identity Creation Animation Music Video Production Check out my myspace page for select music related works and feel free to add me to keep up to date with my latest work: myspace.com/stevecardno For a full range of work please check out my online portfolio here: stevecardno.co.uk If you'd like to get in touch please email me here: hello@stevecardno.co.uk Cheers for reading! Steve
  8. Yeah, but more because we're not gonna be able to do regular practises anymore with folk moving for post-grads. Cool place though, gig in there would be fun!
  9. Yeah that was an ace gig, shame we didn't get a chance to do more, we had a lot of plans for that place... Hah, we've just finished up there, know your pain man!
  10. Unfortunately we (the hijacks) have had to pull out, but there's still 4 bands on the bill, gonna be an ace night, especially seeing the touring bands. Head down, show your support!
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