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Ibanez without even thinking twice...

Edge Pro bridge is really quite good - better than the shitty Floyd Rose Licenced ones.

Wizard neck - imho is the way all guitar necks should be! Its soo comfy and lightning quick too.

Is that one of the Prestige Ibanez RG's or not?? If not ... go for a Prestige one I'd say - the most expensive you can afford (I myself am getting the RG1570ZBL - yep thats L for Lefty freak!) which is the only one i can get Left Handed but it is a fantastic guitar... absolutely incredible.

But then i'm not a big fan of ESP to be honest... especially the LTD's.

Short answer - Ibanez :D

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Strats...over rated...bah!

I would also go with the Ibanez. My dads got the Yamaha RG which is based on the Ibanez and I think it's a real nice guitar. Great shape based on the fantastic strat. Comfy and ballanced when strapped on <see how strap pin is level with 12th fret...that's a good indication that the guitar will have good ballance>. As for sounds the Ibanez RG is great for all that hard rock/metal mlarky but they are also suppose to be fantastically versatile guitars as well...something I can't see the ESP being but you never know. I don't like the slender necks you get on the majoirty of Ibanez's so this will have to be something you try out to make sure you like. So yup..try em out and see for yourself but I'd go with the Ibanez. Oh and if your willing to spend a bit look in to get the limited J-Custom which was review in guitarist in one of the recent issues...suppose to be better than that prestige.

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out of the two i would probably go for the ibanez, the esp is kinda cool, but i just dont like the shape that much

i would go have a look at Jackson guitars, the ibanez is basically a copy of the Jackson soloist... and if you are contemplating a ESP ex, i would also check out the Jackson kelly and warrior





personally, the next guitar i buy should hopefully be a tele


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IF you go for something other than Ibanez, make sure you spend a little more cash and get a proper Floyd Rose Original trem.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get a Floyd Rose Licenced Trem...this will be the bane of your guitar playing life.

My bro has a Jackson with a Floyd Rose Licenced bridge and its like it was thrown together with some crap shovel in the depths of some Korean slave labour camp! The quality of the metal is shit, rusted all to shit, and it has been such a pain in the ass changing strings, etc, with its shoddy construction. He's going to get it fixed, possibly get a new trem system put in (a real Floyd Rose!) and thats not something you really want to do...

Ibanez stopped calling their Trem systems Floyd Rose Licenced a year or 2 ago because FR demanded too much money. So now what you have is a pretty damn good trem system - see here...


Anyway you get the idea, the moral of the story is beware of Floyd Rose Licenced bridges!


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hmm dunno like.

i had a shot of a BC Rich mocking bird and i've played other BC Riches an they suck ass.

like i've had plenty time to like play around with that BC Rich i had a shot of to fully like get a deesc opinion on it and it just sucks. like it has waaaaaaaaaay too much high end with a piss poor low end whoch is surprising for a "metal" guitar. and the balance is keek and the neck is a crap shape.

nae a fan at all.

i think i'll just stick to my good ol' strat and les-paul.


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Yeah, I played a BC Rich the other day, it had a "locking trem" I think they're called, anyway - it wasn't the best guitar I've ever played.

Later that day I played an american fender strat - it played so wonderfully, the price tag really put me off though, 690 and I only had 15 and a return bus ticket to inverurie, which the guys in R&B wouldn't accept for the guitar :(

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i have to say i love my bc rich... it sounds and plays beautifully (in my opinion anyway)

mine is a NJ Neck thru series btw

bruce millers also had in one of the exclusive series 'riches that was really really nice, played very similar to my guitar though (but without the trem and a archtop body)

i havent been as impressed with the other bc riches ive played though, like the bodyart ones, they were pretty average


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Originally posted by Leckie Gilman:

i still think they're pretty poor and over rated.

i think i already said they are root i think.................yeah i did.

and i would say a strat is boring as fuck...

(teles on the other hand...lovely things)

personal opinion i guess though, so fair do's to you


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Boring? Too look at? Play? Soundwise?

just to me a strat is a pretty generic guitar, almost everyone has one of some sort.

i am not saying they are bad guitars, they sound excellent

i would prefer a guitar like a Jazzmaster, strat influenced, but slightly different and also sounding amazing


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