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industrail "music"


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OK boys, this seems to be listomania at the moment...

fits yer favourite industrial bands ?


pitchshifter (pre-crap sound)


skinny puppy

Einstrzende Neubauten



controlled bleeding

and, have a discussion to boot about "what is industrial"(some say ministry ISN'T industriall...)blah blah

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Very early Kluster still scares me but is worth checking out... Although you canna beat a bit of Faust or Hanged Up. The cone albums from Kraftwerk may also be considered influential on Industrial Music.

BTW even the last Autechre album sounded industrial to me...

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hmm, i never thought scorn were industrial. maybe it's just the album i have that isn't very industrial sounding. thought they were more sludge/doom. heh, just noticed the album i have is called evanescence.

i've never gotten into industrial music, it always seemed too rigid for me. dunno why. i have a couple of godflesh albums but i couldn't get into them.

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if anything, the first Scorn LP is "indurstrail" (justin broadrick plays all the guitars on it)..I always thought the first scorn LP was like Napalm Death meets Godflesh, then, the Public image limited "metal box" influenced : collosus, then a more dubby ('dark' Enigma-esque (eurch!) Evanessance.

Then, good old Nick Bullen stabbed someone , and mick harris did scorn on his own, this is where the sound made a drastic change, all electronic, "dark hop" was the term banded around, I just think its "fucking ace electronica"...heavy as fuck, but minimal at the same time....

(spot the scorn fan)

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I suppose all the Flesh / Mart productions were classed as "indstrial"...


the sidewinder

the bug (early bug, "tapping the conversation")


techno animal

curse of the golden vampire...

it seems that there are two divisions in "industrial", the throbbing home made type style of the late 70's early 80's (can, faust, naubauten, whitehouse (?))

and the other more "tuneful" (!?) side , like SP, ministry, godflesh etc...

I never did get intot he noise aspec of "early industrial"...any one reccomend some early industrial to get started on ?

(that throbbing gristle remix LP looks like a winner...)

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see i like the noise side of things, it's the stuff like ministry et all i can't get into. the stuff that seems to be popularly classed as industrial.

stuff like this heat and hula i can get into and are well worth checking out for noisier soundscape style industrial music. but it's wierd i never really class that stuff as industrial but apparently other folks do, it doesn't really sound anything like godflesh or NIN.

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heard the last front line assembly album and found it really boring. recently heard the first ohgr album and it was quite good. i also usually find ministry album unlistenable but i heard their last one and found it really palettable. new skinny puppy album is supposed to be really good.

i don't know if the young gods are classed as industrial, to me they are. they are one of my favourite industrial bands. tv sky and only heaven in particular are two really great albums.

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The last Ministry album was a bit disappointing but they still deliver the goods live. Big fan of the older stuff - Twitch is just class! Picked up a DVD with all their promos on it quite funny seeing Al without tattoos and dreads.

Canny help feeling that FLA have lost their bite, possibly spent too much time concentrating on the Delerium stuff which has just become plain boring. The last album was good but its just not hard enough and the lyrics are comical at times... Some of the other side projects are worth a listen esp the Protech album.

Big fan of F242 - but are they industrial? Saw a video of them recently playing at a festival in Germany and the opening credits "for goth eyes only!" - what's that all about?

I urge you to check out the Sielfwolf album Nachstrom if you are fan of Industrial !

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Nine Inch Nails were one of the first bands I really loved, and although Ministry seem much more of a metal band these days, I think "The Mind..." and "Land of Rape and Honey" are two of the awesomest albums I've ever owned.

I've recently heard some Oghr thats piqued my interest and Throbbing Gristle too.

Although apparently not an "Industrial" band, but sometimes classed as one rather than "No-Wave" I really think Cop Shoot Cop are worth a listen if you can find their stuff.

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I had it, Pailhead, it was amazing..

I lent it to someone, and they moved...

"don't stand in line" was the cracking track, but they were all fucking ace.

it sounded like ; ministry and fugazi (funny that, eh).

what I never understood was how mcKay worked with jourgenten...a straight edger, Vs a junky scumbag !

My Pal Simon (mothboy), is writing for "playlouder.com", and he was interviewing ministry yesterday...

should be interesting...

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Dechristianise, bullen, harris and broadrick all got back together for the first scorn LP , (vae solis)...

its amazing, not quite industrial, not quite dub, not quite death metal..

it truly is individual, I quite often go back for a listen now and then...

*name drop mode*

Sorry, I had to post this, I speak to mick Via email regularly, and he sends me pictures of his favourite past time, no, not drumming, not sequencing...its fishing...

he was extatic with this 10lbs 4 oz Barble (he;d been after it for ages)... that's narissa, his daughter, another keen fisher person...

*name drop mode off*


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they ended up working together after mackaye produced some stuff for jorgenson, and al suggested he record a vocal for one of the tracks. i think it was called i will refuse or something. then they decided to do a bunch more cause the first one was good. ian mackaye from what i know has been of the opinion in his more recent years that straight edge is a personal choice and hasnt' been preaching about it so much so i guess he figured whatever jorgenson wants to take is his own business. or something.

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