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suck on this and sailing on the seas...

but then, there are all the classics from pork soda (my name is mud, mr crinkle), tales from the punch bowl (winona the big brown beaver, southbound pachiderm), the brown album (over the falls, shake hands with beef)...

too many to mention !

I'd agree that the last DVD is worth every penny...all their videos, plus "cheesey home video" and other misc. stuff...amazing value. (if you like primus that is !)...

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The dvd is awesome! check the really old footage of 'to defy the laws of tradition'

'Sailing the seas...' seems pretty popular here, i think its the worst - guitar is obseolete (sp?) though you cant argue with tommy the cat and sgt baker.

For me its prob pork soda 'DMV!!'

Anti-pop is ok until you get bored of the over production and realise fred durst was involved but....

If you have antipop and havent listened to the bonus track at the end (also featuring on the live album) then your missing out.

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the saussage LP is great, I love the opening track , "prelude to fear"...I often wonder what's going on in les's head...(dare I ask !)...

if no one's heard sausaage, here is something to read, to get you inspired.


I also picked up the PORCH lp (six seven inch vynils in a box, nutty!), its fucking cracking too..

from the mad as fuck timed sig : little white cracker, to the slow blues jam of "damn I'm lazy", something for everyone in todd Huth's band...


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