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Vol 3: (The Subliminal Verses)


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I was the first person to get it from One Up!

then got home just to find that not only did it have multimedia content so the DVD player didn't pick up the Audio, the CD player didn't ever recognise it as a disc... grrr, so 2 hours later im in college and i just got listening to it now. Will update when i've actually had a chance to listen through, currently onto track 4 - Duality, which naturally was awesome but heard it before a heap of times. it has an ace intro (the album) alot more laid back, not so mechanical as the last 2 records, anyway, will update when i eventually hear it through.


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Guest pop-notmyface
Originally posted by you_nazi:

i thought i saw camie in their new video.

yeah, i noticed too....

the new stuff is pretty good actually, i like the one-note-twiddly bits (ie. vibrato) :p

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I've had it for a few days of the internet and really enjoy it. The mellow tracks which feature acoustic sound a different from the content of their past two albums but still retain a slipknot vibe...as do the heavier tracks...not ground breakingly different, it's all still very slipknot.

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Thank god they went with the new producer this time. I wasn't much of a fan of their previous 2 albums but I like they way they moved in a more 'instruments played to the players full ability' route. Finally we can see how good they are at their instruments.

Duality is like the best video on music TV right now apart from Velvet Revolver's new one

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just got back and all i can say is owwwWWWW!!!!!

i think i've pulled a muscle in my calf muscle and done somethint to my elbow :S

the setlist was awesome

it was this but not in this order

circle played as intro (acoustic, coreys voice is just brilliant on it, everyone started clapping to it and swaying arms :S)



wait and bleed


spit it out

people = shit


herertic anthem

left behind

iowa (yus, they played it fuckers :D)

three nil

pulse of the maggots


the blister exists


the support act was a band called my ruin

and fuck me they were ace too :D

i know i'll definity be buying an album by them in the very near future :)

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Shit My Ruin were support?? Hell of a good gig almost guaranteed with the 'Knot in there too! Album is most definitely getting the thumbs up from me after repeated listens 'Duality' is suitably anthemic and the drumming at the end of 'Circle' is amazing! Can't remember which song it is as well but I love that bit where Corey drops the word 'sick' into the lyrics but screams it a la the chorus in '(sic)' :D

I must admit though there are times on it that I miss the out-and-out destruction of the first album but that's the sort of debut album that you'd be terrified if they topped it.

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good record,minus all the hype hysteria and masculine marketing its gonna take to shift units there a great band musically,lyrically theres nothing really relevant to ,like,reality but inspiring tunes.hpe some one is is inspired to push their limits like that,and not just to imitate.

think they get the old skool crowds favour with this one also.

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I dont really see what this album has to do with old school? unless of course you mean really old school as in M.F.K.R.

Listening to the album again and it is truely awesome. Familiar in some places different in others. Its cool that at long last the guitarists are getting to show thier talent, everyone knows how ace Joey, Sid, Corey etc at their trades, but Mick and Jim have always been denied. Mind you, after hearing his solos on the Stone Sour Record, i dont belive for one minute that any of the widdly bits are Jim.

But yeah, Prelude is awesome, sets a totally different mood for this album.

The Blister Exisits- cool but for some reason i cant ever remember it, it kind of reminds a bit of some of these redneck metal bands like drowning pool of union underground in places.

Three Nil- basically People=Shit and My Plauge falling down the stairs together, brutality with decent melodies, actually most of the album falls under that statement.

Duality- still amazing. Hardcore beer keg action, melodies just get in your head and refuse to leave.

Opium of the People- the first 30 seconds of this song make it for me! Big Widdly trade off! yuss!!

Circle-.... hmm it works in the great scheme of the album, has good melodies, but is a bit bland by itself, oh except the hot cello action!...

Welcome-... Slipknot or System? hmm! kinda your standard Slipknot mid album song.

Vermillion- really edgy, offputting haunting type thing, then just out of nowhere this amazing vocal melody appears in the chorus... Current favourite on the album.

Pulse of the Maggots- carnage, sheer fucking carnage, slipknot doing what they do so fucking well, laying waste to everything about them.

Before I Forget- totally reminds me of something else, the vocals are really familiar, cant place them. Song is precision tho, the stops in the chorus, clinical! great tune.

Vermillion pt2 - in essence this is just the other song but acoustic. its amazing how the same song but in acoustic sound so different. it works better heavy.... the same sentiments in acoustic just sounds a bit cheesy in places, but the chorus is truely beautiful.

The Nameless- ooh another really offbeat, edgy affair leading to full on carnage, leading to.... acoustic chorus?!? yes this song is slipknot showing exactly what they can do and how damn good they are at it, that amazing thing about it is, not only does it all fit together perfectly, it is an awesome song.

The Virus of Life- 'Scissors' is the first thing that comes to mind, its the trademark slipknot brooding, dark, ugly, self indulgent, near-end-of-album masterpiece.

Danger, Keep Away- A very solmn end to this perfectly crafted album, haunting synths and backing 'ahhs', this is a dark place with the only beam of light being coreys searing vocal harmonies.

What an album... the first time i heard it, i was so unsure, thought i'd spent 5 months waiting for a complete dissapointment... but i was the same with Iowa, a couple of listens and it's grown so much. I'm completely content. Makes you want to Jump around, break stuff, scream your lungs out and cry all the same time. Ace! ;)

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Originally posted by KORESH:

lyrically theres nothing really relevant to ,like,reality

I thought there was quite a lot of lyrics I felt were related to or affected by the war in Iraq along with the usual Slipknot themes of alienation and anger. To dismiss a whole albums worth of lyrics like that's pretty lazy...

I'm just waiting for all the msg boards and forums to explode with 'SLIPKNOT HUV SOLD OUT THEY CAN SUCK MY DICK. WTF WAS ALL THAT ACOUSTIC PUSSY GUITAR SHIT?' themed sentiments.

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Well, the acoustic songs are good, dark stuff. The full on songs sound like they are running out of riff ideas. Good to hear solos. The mix is awful! The second song was playing away and I thought "ok, here it goes its going to go mental" but it didnt! The mix is too clinical and the guitars dont sound heavy enough!

Sounds like Im slating it? I am and I am not, its a good album and its good to hear them try something different. Doesnt tough IOWA but I dont think they wanted it to sound like IOWA:cheers:

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