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Photo of The Bay, SUNRISE

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That block building is messing with the whole effect of the picture. Stupid architecture.

i disagree, it gives the image something to hang onto and adds some focus to the picture. it also gives it a better sense of place. without that building it would be a fairly generic sunset over some fairly generic looking frosty roofs, and it's squint.

it'd be nice to see a slightly tighter crop on this i think and straighten the horizon then you'll have a cracking picture, like so:


pretty rough edit, but you get the idea. hope you don't mind me messing with your picture, just trying to be helpful. if you have photoshop or gimp or any basic editing package a couple of quick adjustments can make a big difference. i cropped in a bit on this then straightened up the horizon. once i was happy i duplicated the background and added a couple of curves layers. i masked the buildings and set the transparency mode for the duplicated background to multiply giving a more dramatic sky and adjusted the curves till i was happy.

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image seems to not be working, so here it is:


I like it, the colours are clearer, i never bother editing them because that involves effort :up:, however this might change.

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Bennachie....with a delightful pylon and line of silage in front of it....

is that a comment on the blighting of the landscape?....

Yes thats exactly what it is:up:

I was trying to contrast

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