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did anyone go to the mayhem gig on the 23rd?


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Mayhem @ Moshulu, 23/02/2008

I just found out about this gig and haven't seen it mentioned on here at all. All I can say is well done whoever arranged it - never thought I'd see a band like them play in Aberdeen - incredibly notorious but very obscure except to fans of the genre. Any word yet on who will be supporting?

This should be one hell of a gig! I went to Hellfest this year and Mayhem had to pull out when Hellhammer broke his arm so it's great to get another chance to go see them. Good thing pig's heads probably won't make Moshulu's carpets any worse ;)

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Does anybody know if the gig is 18+ still? I know there is curfew laws and all that shite but have heard that since the gig moved to drummonds its been changed to 14+ ??

Asked in One Up, nobody knows anything.

Only 17, arsed spending 15 on a ticket to be refused entry.



Last time i spoke to the Barfly promoter he asked about this very issue. I did suggest to him making it a 14+ which he was quite keen on. I'd risk it tbh. 17 is close enough! haha I first got into Drummonds when i was 14, and the doorman knew it!


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I thought the gig was great. There was a bit of a wait to get in but a quick pint in the Belmont soon sorted out that dilemma.

From standing at the back (and being rather pissed) all I could see was a coweled shape holding an inverted crucifix growling down a cordless mic which looked like a red dot over his face.

However, the company, and the band was great. (Tickets were overpriced... as was the alcohol but there you go.... that's why I never bother with Drummonds usually.)

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