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  1. Drummer wanted for difficult-to-pigeonhole instrumental weird band. Must be fond of improvisation and repetition. PM me if you'd like to know more
  2. WANTED - Doom metal/punk band looking for a vocalist who can sing a bit, also shout, but not a grunter or a shrieker. Somewhere between (new) Moss and Amebix. Heavy, repetition, not technical. We've got material, have played a couple of gigs, have some rehearsal recordings we can share. If you're interested drop me a message
  3. I could collect next week if you're in the city?
  4. Do you still have this?
  5. I'm on here too. Drop me a PM if you'd like us to have a look at this for you
  6. Are you a solid drummer who is into improvisation, repetition, irregular time signatures, jarring noises and doing things the wrong way? We're not looking for a super technical player, more a thoughtful one. If you need to hit a million things a minute, this probably isn't for you. An interest in kraut/psych/noiserock would be a plus. If this sounds like it might be for you, please PM me here or email to gaunt_paul@yahoo.co.uk
  7. I had my accident prone LP repaired by Kinellar twice, after snapping the headstock (also twice). he did a great job in a reasonable time. I can't remember what I paid for the job but it seemed reasonable at the time. I'd recommend him.
  8. No longer needed, found one now
  9. I'm looking for a large glass carboy, somewhere between 1 and 5 gallon capacity. It'll need to be free of cracks and chips, at least on the inside. If you have one of these (or any other homebrew equipment) that you could sell, please let me know. I can collect in the city
  10. I'm looking for a jazz master, after trying a few out recently. Hoping to find something with the soap bar type pickups and a tremelo bridge, maybe a classic player model. If you have one for sale, let me know before I resort to buying a new one!
  11. 3 seater leather sofa, dark brown, reasonable nick, getting replaced tomorrow by something that actualy fits in my flat. Must go very quickly, otherwise it'll go as soon as charity shop can colect it. If you have a van or similar and want this for nowt, collection from Kittybrewster. Phone on 07762 243006 We have a two seater going aswell. It's in better nick so that's not free.
  12. I've used Kinellar Guitars, out in blackburn. He fixed my LP when the headstock snapped (twice!) and has done a cracking job (also twice) for a good price. http://www.kinellarguitars.co.uk/
  13. Keyboardscot for might be a good move at this point. Wouldn't imagine anyone would charge much, pedal parts are pretty cheap.
  14. There's not a spring in a crybaby, do you mean the switch. If it needs a new switch, I could do that, i've done a few before. PM me here if that sounds helpful
  15. I'm looking for small to medium sized pedal case. I'm after something that gives an empty space, not something moulded like the Boss ones. I have a power supply already, so don't need anything built in. Something like the Stagg upc cases would be ideal. I need it to hold a wah, tuner and maybe 2-3 other units. My budget is not big, so nothing fancy. If you have one you want rid of, PM me.
  16. Do you still have the pedalcase? If so, can you tell me which model it is so I can size it up?
  17. I'm hoping to find some empty beer crates to store my home brew booze. If you have any sitting about that you want to donate to a loving home, please pm me here. I will happily trade for a few beers or fx pedal repairs/mods.
  18. I've never heard or seen this one, but I cloned a mk ii myself a long while back. It's great, maybe my favourite fuzz.
  19. It could be quite easy IF it's just the led. If it's a new pedal, couldn't you return it?
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