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Vocal mic for recording

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It depends on the voice really.

Some voices sound best with a dynamic mic and others with a condensor. It depends.

Also depends on your budget.

The fact you only have a cheap 58 copy suggests to me that it might be worth getting a real SM58 or 57 as I imagine it will be useful to you for situations other than just recording.

I am going to asume you budget to not much greater than the SM58 as you haven't stated it.

For that price you could get something like an AKG C1000, Oktava MK-012 or Studio Projects B1.

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for studio work you can get a rode nt1a with a shockmount for 120 quid, AKG perception 200 is similar but marginally cheaper....

Cheers Stripey, that is the sort of thing I'm looking for. I;m a total novice when it come to this sort of thing/

Vocals are really the only thing that I need a mic for, as everything else I record, I just DI with my POD. That's why I was looking for something vocal specific. And in terms of the type of vocal I'm recording, it will be Marie-Claire, the singer in Panda Eyes 99% of the time.

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' date=' post: 430852"']A question about live microphones - is the Shure SM58 the best option for live performances in that kind of budget or is there better? I would be shouting/'screaming' and stuff, maybe some singing, it would all be pretty loud i guess.

I personally much prefer Sennheiser E845 over the Shure SM58. I have never tried a shure beta mic though.

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I rarely pick up anything other than a sontronics orpheus to record vocals. It costs about 250 these days, but sounds like a neumann, has more features than a neumann and works on just about everybody's voice as well as kick drums and guitars. If you run it through a decent tube pre amp, it warms up nicely too.

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A good condenser would certainly be worth your while. The problem I tend to have when recording vox with an SM58 is that I get too much emphasis on the "ess" and "puh" sounds (if you get what I mean).

Having said that, the SM58 is a hugely versatile mic - all the vox on my Myspace tracks have been recorded at home on an 8 track with an SM58.

Mike, the singer in my proper band, uses a Sennheiser (spelling?) thing that our soundguy bought him. It cuts through amazingly well live, although we've not used it for recording as yet.

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I think you will find that certain dynamic mics are widely used on voice in professional studios. Differnet voices suit differnet mics and ideally you can try the microphones out on your own voice before buying them. You just wont be able to do this in any shop in Aberdeen. Sound Control should let you do this however.

Shure SM7b has probably been the most popular in recent times. I heard it was used on St Anger by Metallica, (some) Fall out Boy, Deftones, System of a Down, Thriller by Michael Jackson amongst others. Also used on just about all growl vocals.

EV RE20 is also a similar dynamic mic and quite popular.

Sennheiser MD440 is also a reasonably popular dynamic mic sometimes used on vocals.

It is also widely rumoured that the lead singer of Aerosmith used a Shure SM57 close up and 2 sennheiser mics of an unknown type further away.

However I think it would be a waste of money to spend that sort of money on a microphone so you are probably looking at something like Studio Projects B1 which a lot of people speak quite highly of for the money.

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