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  1. for the record, i am not an advocate of veganism. we humans are omnivore: we can survive on vegetation or meat or both. i chose not to eat meat. an essential part of our very early ancestors development was the consumption, not only of meat, but of brains... low grade sausages and pies apart, we dont eat brains anymore, we dont need to. we evolved. i haven't eaten meat (practically fuck all) in 20 years. i dont need to. i am yet to hear any compelling argument as to why we need to eat meat. your move...
  2. condescending? how do you work that out? oh, here we go....the "you can't prove carrots dont have feelings" malarkey face it, you enjoy eating the flesh of a (once) living animal, 'cause you think it tastes good, which is all well and good when you are completely remote from its suffering and plight. you could be forgiven for failing to recognise that half the shit in the meat counter of a super market had anything to do with an animal, until the quality control fails and you get a nice piece of meat with a cyst in it... let me guess, you eat mat at least three times a week, but i bet you've never slaughtered an animal in your life.
  3. there is no need for us to eat living animals. in many respects meat is bad for us. i have been vegetarian for over 20 years and feel a lot better for it. meat consumption in the western world is reducing. in a few generations it may well be a thing of the past. all this crap (for every animal you don't eat i'll eat three pish) is childish bollox. if these people were really so cock sure they should go and take an animal about their size and weight on a one to one basis, say a small wolf.... then we could see who would feast on who... the whole concept of eating another living being when the odds are stacked in our favour is nothing to be proud of. i share your sentiment
  4. nice one, never even occurred to me that a third party could perform the same selection. yep was aware of that... again agreed. i heard they were chinease sold at four times the price, but hey that's the rumour mill. ok i bought a set of mullards for my matamp a couple of years ago (el34) they were a tenner... now these "mullards" are made in russia by a company that supposedly bought the tooling for the mullards of old...
  5. i'm witting keich... i'll try again. in my mesa, f-50, the manual instructs you to use only 6l6's (selected and rebranded by mesaB) which in turn means you are limited in what you can use for power valves, but also means you dont have to rebias... so whats the score with the markIV re power valves and rebiasing? cheers (the other guy)
  6. enlighten me if you would... i thought you can only install Mesa Boogie 6l6's in a Boogie, the whole idea is that the valves are preselected and rebranded by Boogie that are matched to the bias point of their amps... what is a Mullard Mesa/ Boogie Valve? (it's news to me)
  7. so what did you/ do you ride? 86 miles?! another 400 odd and it might be just about run in... all the aftermarket stuff (i presume the usual suspects K&N filters, carbon fibre pipes etc would have blown his warranty to pieces and not done his motor any favours. for the record for the first few hundred miles you shouldn't do more than 55 mph (that's what the little red line on his speedo id for) i bought my duc in 93, i didnt use it for 6 years, i have just over 10k on it i'll get me coat...
  8. believe me, the race was even funnier when the weather was crap....
  9. i've been to this a few times. its a great day out, especially - obviously - if you are in any way into bikes. they used to have "moped mahem" this is where team of three odd bikers would enter a 50cc bike into a 50 -100 entrant bike race. funny as fuck, you had guys that normally drive 100bhp+ super bikes, racing in their one peice race suits on 50cc step throughs (complete with basket on the handle bars and the motor tuned so tight you'd be lucky if it had a 30 minute half life...) good call slutbags....
  10. why do you say that? he rarely impressed anybody over the last two years... I hate to say it but drivers who haven't served their early days in europe, and have spent in US/ canada tend to be pretty crap at motorsport. where as drivers who have had unspectacular careers in f1 who move to the US tend to become big names in US motor sport
  11. he and ferrari did not part company on good terms...
  12. don't think it would be weak, just wouldn't contain much of the original signal... even if all the effects were bypassed/ off, bet it would still sound crap..
  13. 2nded, damn nice cappuccino to boot...
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