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  1. Whether it's sandi thom or not, if anybody in this area achieved any measure of success whatsoever, there would be a certain section of people queing up to slag them off for the slightest thing. I mean, HOW DARE ANYONE ACHIEVE ANYTHING!!!!!! who gives a fuck what she does. Get a life.
  2. A lot of good points made. It's not the cost of gear so much as the cost of the right people to use it and arrangers, session players, producers. These people cost serious money. i have two live rooms here in Lossie. one is 45 square meters the other is 50 square meters and i'd love them both to be twice the size. I record a lot of rock here, mainly because i have no serious competition in moray. There was rise to red in inverness but they were so bad, disgruntled clients came to me to have their mixes doneproperly.
  3. Ha. classic tales. The old gear is great. I have a studer J37 from abbey road that i used all the time to run finals masters through. It took away all that digital glassiness, added fantastic warmth and made everything sound louder. 2 inch tape is now a bit too pricey to use for that now but i have a tape emulator that does almost the same thing.
  4. The most important thing is the guy running the equipment. Rise to Red studios in Inverness folded because it was a case of all the gear no idea. (They put a neuman u47 in a kick drum fir instance!!!) The best kit in the world is useless unless you have someone who knows how to work it. And remeber, some of the best music ever made was recorded straight to tape with a single microphone. Don't be blinded by all the pretty lights. Use your ears.
  5. The main problem is the misconception about x factor. In reality, it's a tv light entertainment show not a genuine singing competition. But too many of todays' quick fix instant fame crowd think it's an easy shortcut to celebrity, without all the bother of learning your trade and building a reputation over several years.
  6. More or less. Lots of gagging clauses. No talking to anyone about pre auditions or who's at the pre auditions, no media contact, if selected for the tv auditions your song would be picked for you, unlimited editing allowed (so they can create a back story. you know the kind of thing, single parent, mum dying, used to take drugs sort of stuff). Syco has total artist control of music, image, gigs, engagements, press releases. Basically, syco owns you. One interesting clause was an equity/musicians union waiver suggesting that this kind of slavery may be frowned upon by them. It was interesting recently that an x factor spokesman actually admitted that Jedward had been pre auditioned in Ireland prior to their audition with cowell. So much for the conspiracy theory.
  7. Other than the fact it's the worst kept secret in the industy (you know the one where selling out doesn't exist!!! Save me from amateurs!) I have an act on my books who was up for the pre auditions and I went through the paperwork with her and her manager. She was so horrified she pulled out (not on my advice, that of her manager) And no I won't post her name up here.
  8. X factor is not a talent show, it's a tv show. Here's how it works. A year before the public auditions, secret pre auditions are held. Various managers, promoters, stage schools, drama schools ect put forward their up and coming graduates and protges. They all sign confidentiality contracts. These people are auditioned and the 12 acts that will be the finalists are selected. Then the filming of the public auditions takes place. Here they dig out all the wierdos and delusional wannabes to put in fromt of "the judges". There are also a block of decent singers (the best ones have sick mothers or are poor or have been abused) put in just to be rejected later on. No one who goes through the public auditions has the slightest chance of winning. It's all a fix from start to finish. Even the public vote can be manipulated, as anyone with a brain can tell from this latest series.
  9. You are absolutely correect, that man. My bad.
  10. Not the old "sell out" pish again. Selling out only exists in the minds of no hopers, amatuers and schoolkids. And he's only doing an ad, not raping 3 year olds then eating them. Let's send him an e mail," Hey Iggy. You're not allowed to make a living because some bloke in Aberdeen says you're selling out and have no integrity." Iggy: " Ah he must be a no hoper, an amatuer or a 12 year old then."
  11. I think steinberg dropped support for VST plug ins for that version of cubase.
  12. However you can't master on it properly. To master to commercial standards digitally you need something like Waves platinum which is serious money and if you want to master in the analogue domain it's really serious money even for just monitors capable of the quality required for mastering. Also the ears required for commercial mastering are priceless. Having said that, you can get a nice, loud half decent master by using something like Ozone.
  13. I occassionally need a session guitarist. I'll pm you whenever.
  14. Lily allen a size 10?? ever seen her in the flesh? size fucking 6 more like. she has a good sized arse though, makes her look bigger on camera.
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