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Trouser related deaths

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Difficult to say as the ONS actually stopped issuing those kind of stats a few years back but yes, the last time they did - Trousers did come-out as surprisingly dangerous! :D

Think it was @2000-2002 when they stopped.

Think I do remember something about people cooking in their nighties or PJ's being the most lethal of all. About 5 times more likley than smoking.

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It's less common nowadays, but in the 1930s, when young blades wore trousers with massive turn-ups there were a fair amount of deaths when cyclists thought it would be handy to keep their books in their turn-ups. Obviously this caused control problems, and a lot had accidents as a result.

At first the police blamed drink, but when they found out the truth it was a real turn-up for the books.

Then in the 70s a few folk died horribly of burns when they got their 'flares' confused.

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What about cocks? Do you think more people die or lose their cocks each year? I personally have nearly lost mine in a trouser related injury.

Also you cant exclude vagina injuries too. If you've been round the block a few times surely that leaves you open to mishaps.......

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