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In balamory ....Taken the daughter to balamory in may she cant bloooody wait...Thing i need to know is has anyone here been?......Was it good and were your kids gutted its not like the tv show,as in no characters will be there?.......

We have the brochure and it says they record the show between the months of may to july so any parents wanting there kids on the show must visit during these months.....We were sooooo excited but then we noticed the flyer/brochure had been printed in 2002 :s

Also ferries we cant seem to ever get an answer from the oban ferry terminal we managed to book 3 seats and even got a departure time but for some reason we can find NO details on where on the isle of mull the ferry goes...........tobamory is where balaory is set and thats at the top of the island........

Anywho any storys about balamory or even details?.

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celebrity travel details

I once rolled up Balamory and stuck it in a truck.

I also put the singing kettle in a box and stuck it in a truck.

And a giant inflatable Kangaroo, same again, box, truck.

Ooh Girls Aloud soon, wonder if they have a small box that requires trucking.

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I went to Tobermory with my daughter last Easter - here's what I can tell you:

The Oban-Mull ferry docks at Craignure - it's about 25 miles from Tobermory. The road to Tobermory is a mixture of normal roads and single track with passing places - it's the done thing to pull in to let cars past you (we got stopped by the police and told this).

Balamory is no longer in production, although there is still a lot of kids toys and stickers available in the local stores. You will notice major changes from the telly however - Edi Mcreedie's garage is now a chocolate shop. Josie Jumps house is owned by a grizzled old curmudgeon, who apparently delights in telling kids who ask where Josie is that he's killed her and buried her under the floorboards.

Archie's castle is not in Tobermory - it's near North Berwick

All the other houses are there - you can (or at least could) pick up a location map showing where all the houses are.

If it rains, then you'd better have lots of toys and games with you, as there is nothing more depressing than a small Scottish seaside town in the rain - there's very little to do.

If the weather is fine, then there's walks and beaches, with nature abounding - plenty of dolphins, seals, etc.

Shopwise, there's some nice craft and gift shops along the sea front.

If you're driving to Oban, the Green Welly stop at Tyndrum is a hodgepodge of shops (mainly Scottish craft and outdoor stuff) with an ok restaurant.

And a bit of trivia - apparently, the show was called Balamory to avoid confusion with the womble character Tobermory.

Hope that helps


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truth is stranger than fiction

Biz, I honestly wonder if you read what you type.


You think I'm kidding? see Myspace pics for evidence of my bizarre occupations.

I just got the photos of me getting eaten by the crocodile oot o Peter Pan on ice - it was huge, which led to the orgy wi the skeletons - it's a lang story.

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