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Best Goal this Decade?

Last Wrong

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Check out this beast! Messi is a legend in the making

Video Barcelona 2 - 0 Getafe 18.04.07 Messi - Barcelona, Getafe, football, messi - Dailymotion Share Your Videos

Matty Taylors volley for Portsmouth this season has to be among the best.

Zlatan Ibrahimavic scored an unbelievable goal for Ajax that's on the net somewhere, I'll try and post it tonight,

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2 goals that immediately spring to mind when i think best goal of the decade are:

Henry against Man United - you all know the goal

Ronaldinho's overhead kick, can't actually mind who it was against though.

PS. Surely Richard Foster deserves a mention :p

along with Mark Perry's thunderbolt against Celtic circa 1998. :up:

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And how about this for a first touch?

Matthew Taylor of Portsmouth (a left back as well!) against Everton this season.

Video But Exceptionnel - Taylor Portsmouth - taylor, goal, football, but, Everton - Dailymotion Share Your Videos

Why is it that amazing goals like that make you laugh?! You go "holy shit, what a fucking goal" when it goes in and then laugh at the replays intermittently muttering "what a fucking goal". Ace goals make me happy.

Simple man.

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dont see what the big fuss about the messi goal is all about (the lob against mexico i mean). yeah it's good but chipping isn't exactly the hardest skill to master in football.

how bout dhino's modified bicycle kick against Villareal?

or Van Persie's super volley against Charlton?

Crouchy scored a belter of an OHK last season too.

Messi's Maradona run is a killer (and scarily similar to the big man's)

But my winner has to be the 26 pass stunner from the Argies at the last World Cup. Pure genius. The ultimate team goal in my opinion.

YouTube - Argentina v Serbia 2006

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Jump in the air and ball whacks off your shin?! That goal was most overrated goal of last season by a mile!

having just watched it again I can safely say that it's no fluke. I'm not even convinced it hits his shin and you certainly can't put dip like that on a shot by accident.

you're just wrong:up:

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