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Woman sells herself for WoW Gold


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She played a lvl 70 Night Elf druid in the MMORPG "World of Warcraft", and she needed a LOT of gold to buy her epic flying mount (a flying creature that makes your travelling much easier, it's the most expensive thing to buy in WoW). So she posted a message on the internet that she would have sex with some guy (or woman) one night for 5000 WoW gold so that she could buy the mount. She eventually got a guy, who paid her the gold.

See for yourself:


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It's ironic that she refers to the folk who posted her picture on the internet as "Jackasses" and "Failures", given that some bloke has just rumped her and "paid" with non-existent gold o_O

If she has a decent car, I've got some magic beans I'm looking to offload....

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Anyone else think that the reason she "can't host" is because despite looking about 30

I think you're being rather chivalrous there...she looks a lot older than that.

Also, does anyone think she and her "partner" gave each other sword and sorcery-style names during "the act".

If so, what do you think the names might have been

My guess?....

Princess Phlapps of the Myngh


Lord Phalluz of Greater Testez

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Guest DustyDeviada

I don't really know anything about this WOW stuff, other than what I learned in a recent South Park episode, and this wouldn't have been out of place there.

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Having seen her photo, the whole WOW thing was probably a ruse for her to get her hole. I imagine that conventional methods of finding a partner wouldn't work for the wee troll.

She probably just couldn't find a geeky enough wee bastard to shag, because they were all too busy in their parents basements playing WoW and watching re-runs of the original Star Trek.

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"Azmdag Jentol Woft Mot, your time has come, this mount is yours as I ride into the pink valley, catching velvet snowflakes on my tongue before the puss did run like a glacier. Forfwith thine sword is drawn and then put back in sheath, over and over again until such time as I see fit to use the spell of Spaff Enyer Ay to rid solicite the demons of Hoor."

lvl increase, super n00b destroyer +280%

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