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windows vista


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It is quite good there are more options in it, very stable - on par with xp - looks better they just need to release programs for it and drivers

Same transition problems as from 3.* to 95

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tru dat teabags. in future i hope to see xbox live gamers playing against windows live

users in the same game. though we're years off that yet.

i have vista, i think its awesome. the sidebar gadgets are extrmemely cool. it takes a bit of getting used to. the "start" button is replaced by the widnows logo, that is strange at 1st glance.

other than that, if you dont have automatic updates on the "power" button in the start menu doesnt actually shut down you're computer, it send it into hibernation. vista is very hackable and the security is pretty appauling so far.

i'm using vista ultimate 6000 build on a 2.8 ghz processor with 512mb ram. slow at times but bearable and very worth it.

this review is pretty good Review: Windows Vista Ultimate - OSNews.com

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Just ordered a new laptop with home premium on it. I'll give a report once it arrives in a week or so.

The reviews I've read say it's good but could be better. Apparently service pack 1 is due out later this year and should improve on it a lot.

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Fuck vista, i really cant see where microsoft get off, they claim your games will look and play better when in reality this new os requires more power and has very little third party support with available working drivers. Also with dx10, this ms bullshit saying that its exclusive for vista is bullshit. It has been found out that dx9l for older versions of windows is the equivalent to dx10. Good old lying microsoft, they speak through their arse in order to get more cash.

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I agree, why would anyone want to install an OS that brings their hardware a step closer to being obsolete and offers nothing particularly new or important except fertile ground for a raft of new security problems.


*it looks sexy

*it plays real nice with my xbox. as in: its pretty much plug and play for internet connection sharing, windows media centre and music/video sharing. (on xbox dashboard as well as media centre) which compared to XP which was a bloody nightmare to set up for those things if you didn't have the know how.

those are my reasons anyway. plus, its highly customisable. which is nice.

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To be honest, I like the idea of moving to Vista, but we're not going to do it in our company for at least another 6 months. The support so far has been shite. And if it's the same for everyone in the games industry, then a lot of old games are creating problems which don't make ANY fucking sense.

Also, Vista has apparently installed and up-to-dated my network card, but won't detect it when I plug it in to the network. This mean when using Vista I have to unplug the network cable (which works amazingly with XP) and plug it in to my shitty Intel on board network card.

Isn't this the exact same thign that happened when XP first came out? I remember my flatmate installing one of the first versions which said "New drivers needed, please down load them here" or something to that effect. Problem was these were the dirvers for his modem. Fuck sake.


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still, thats one whole game in the bank thats been out for years now. shadowrun will likely be put back and how long will it be before theres any sort of decent library of games out on both systems?

i heard rumours that quake 4 was going to be the 1st pc-xbox360 compatible online game. rubbish.

so we're probably looking at say a year to 2 years until this is actually worth anything.

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Hey it's a start. To be honest I can't think of many games where you'd want to mix the two. For first person shooters anyway the 360 players are going to get their ass handed to them in every game as the mouse will always be quicker than the pad.

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