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Our next leader?

Guest Bob

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Despite there being more public criticism of him recently I have to agree with Dave that I can't see anyone other than Gordon Brown being the next leader of the Labour party and therefore the next Prime Minister. I think talk of elections at this point is a little premature as whoever the next leader may be they will not have to call an election until 2010.

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it is worrying that nearly ten years of office has produced so few genuine stars that could adequately replace Tony Blair. In the Thatcher/Major years there were several realistic candidates for the top job-Heseltine, Lawson, Hurd, Portillo, Clarke-but none of the present cabinet outside Brown and Reid have made anything like the kind of impact the "big beasts" of times past could.

Settle down son, we are talking Labour here. You didn't really expect them to produce any realistic stars from a majority ruling party of scaffies and housewives did you?

I think John Reid is in with a shout. I'm going down the bookies.

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I'm not having that Sharon Osboune cunt being PM. Fuck that.

Yeah, fuck that. Louie Walsh all the way for me.

Actually if it was done through a reality TV show on a Saturday night I'm sure politics would interest more people. "PM Idol". Is there not a statisctic that more brits voted in the X Factor or Pop Idol than voted in the general election? I might be talking out of my arse but it wouldn't surprise me. Text Cameron to 84040

What a shite job Prime Minister would be though. I couldn't be arsed.

I'm so bored I want to cry.

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