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NEPTUNE return to aberdeen SUN OCT 29TH

Dizzy Storm

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Dizzy Storm is very pleased to be bringing back to Aberdeen, what was for us, and a lot of others, one of our gig highlights of last year, and a must see for anyone that missed them last time...NEPTUNE

Neptune is a band from Boston, Massachusetts, that initially began as a sculpture project. the band played its first gig in a basement in late '94. currently neptune consists of 3 members playing home made instruments. the music is noisy and uncombed, a concoction of busted garage and incorrect math and combined with bike parts, saws, old metal chairs, hobo electronics, amplified springs, metal drums with contact mics inside and other debris found in the trash. with several different members and collaborators over the years, the music has evolved with the instruments, blending the traditional sounds of rock music with what sound like mistake-day at the ballbearing factory. jason sculpts most of his instruments out of scrap metal, mark has taken an interest in electronics culminating in the assembly of a small army of nifty synthesisers. dan has mastered the fine art of building debt and breaking stuff



they played The Tunnels november last year to quite an unsuspecting, mixed crowd....and ended up selling the most amount of vinyl of the whole tour! THEY ARE AN AMAZING LIVE BAND...(im looking for back up from nullmouse/al masamune here !!!))

their return to aberdeen will be a show in conjunction with a new arts collective in Aberdeen who will be launching on this night with an exhibition/instalation/something (not quite sure yet!)

other supports tbc





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*another act confirmed*

very pleased to announce the addition of this act to what is looking like its going to be a top art/music collaboration.... :up:


www.irfp.net for more info/video/mp3's

Jessica Rylan is a sound artist and electronic musician who lives and

works in the Boston area. She builds unique synthesizers for

installations and live performance. Her designs are influenced by

plants, and the historically outmoded. Her music incorporates the

intuition of folk music with the techniques of the avant-garde.

Rylan spent much of 2005 on tour, performing over 100 concerts. She

performed across the United States, Eastern Canada, and Western

Europe. Highlights included Lisbon, Antwerpen, London, Chicago, L.A.,

and New York City. Performances with Thurston Moore, Wolf Eyes, Lightning Bolt, Emil

Beaulieau, Prurient, Hrvatski, Magik Markers, Mouthus, Tim Barnes,

Charalambides, Amps for Christ, Chris Corsano.

Rylan was featured in the PBS documentary Greater Boston Arts in

March, 2003. She has created sound installations at the List Visual

Arts Center at MIT, the Boston Center for the Arts, Harvard

University, and the Berwick Research Institute. She earned an MFA in

electronic music from Bard College and has received grants from the

Penny McCall Foundation and the LEF Foundation. She is currently a Research

Affiliate at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

Recordings on RRRecords, Ultra Eczema, Heresee, Kittyplay, Curor.

"...manages to pull off being emotionally vulnerable and startlingly

confrontational at the same time."

anonymous blog review

"As warm and direct as an autumn campfire."

-Tom Carter, Volcanic Tongue

"One of the strangest things I've seen in awhile."

-Thurston Moore

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great Neptune review (i think so anyway..) from boston's weekly....DIG...love the ''sounds like robots gone off their meds..'' bit!!!




You might think that once youve heard the trash-bashing freakazoids of Neptune do their signature thang, youre all set. But come now. Think about ityoure not all set. It would be pretty bonkers logic to assume that a crew of dudes who quite literally built their band from scratch would plateau at the first sign of satisfaction. You dont want people thinking youre crazy or dim, so have a go with Neptunes latest release (their 14th), Patterns. Their arsenal of child-frightening scrap-metal guitar-thingies is here augmented by a barrage of homespun electronics and mutationstupperphones, telegraph oscillator boxes, amplified springs and metal floor toms. And sure, the results are abrasivebut in a good way, like getting your back scratched for the first time in years, only by a bear. The Lighthouse sounds like robots gone off their meds; little gnarly electronic sputters and thick metallic guitars chase a spooked bleep around until they all end up falling off a cliff. Fourteen Pleasures is a dizzy tantrum that brings Brainiac to mindif Brainiac were mugged by a hover-van full of space gypsies. Bookend instrumentals #13 and On Purpose, By Accident not only hint at the role of luck (bad or otherwise) in their music, but they also demonstrate the bands knack for press-record-and-go improv. So good youll need a tetanus shot. [MICHAEL BRODEUR]

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