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Pirates of the carribean II....


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Yeh I was unimpressed when i popped into the cinema on Saturday to see it.

Some humourous parts that kep it going but the story did seem to be obvious and it dragged on for two long especially the parts of the story which were serious.

It also seemed like they were milking Jack Sparrow's character too much which ruined it.

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i enjoyed it but it wasn' t as good as the first one and was too long. "that bit" at the end happened and my immediate thoughts were "fuck me, it's going to keep going". but it didn't, thankfully. also couldn't take starfish face seriously, no matter how sincere he tried to be.

wasn't bad though.

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Guest bluesxman
Kiera Knightley was voted the sexiest lady on earth by FHM.

What else do you want? (asides naked breasts).

Someone with a cleavage to speak of in a pirate film would be good. You need heaving breests in a pirate film. You just do. But I still liked the first film, haven't seen this one yet, shall prob just await the DVD. Unless the missus drags me along for a Johnny Depp fix. She is particularly transfixed more than usual by the added make up. I despair.

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