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roll call for pvh tbreak show, car going!

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im driving down to edinburgh on sunday to show some support for the only band from up this way to represent at tbreak. iwent to see SEA and staccato set play to 500 fowk in the liquid rooms last year, through a seriously good rig and it was the best show i have ever seen from each band

itll be great to see the look on the indie fans faces when they let rip

who would like to come down with me, i have 4/3* seats in a car with good tunes if anyone is interested

*if there are any big bastards itll be 3

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Re Zig The Beard. For evidence of his hair growing capabilities go to http://superchannel.org/Home/Channels/360/creative.rm/player.html

you get to see Colon Open Bracket, Amber, Lorenzo Snow Collective, A beard, Andy and moi (staccato set) and the Millenium Child hip hop stuff from the Creative Cultures Launch Party!

and if you listen carefully you can hear the NOISY FUCKING KIDS in the background that showed Amber absolutely no respect during her set and then left! Thankfully the sound for this was coming from the desk, with a few technical sound effects, or you wouldn't hear her.

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