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...our forum has officially died a death!

what are you guys up to?

I'm bored and pissed. does anyone still read this old thing?

We should have a new website coming very soon, hopefully followed by lots of lovely new songs and hopefully an album, tho we're talking christmas time before that happens.

Hope everyone out there is well and still loving the metalllllll! :p

Take care dudes x

p.s..... Jager=Bad xxx

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when is the website due ?

and will there be any live tracks or gigs up for download?

What a coincidence, we're looking at offering a live version of our new song "Greed for Gain" with the possibility of a video/promo type accompaniment as a download asap. Keep your eyes on the forum and we'll let you know of any developments.

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So when's this website going to be back up and running then?

Next couple of weeks actually, unfortunatly the old domain expired and unknown to us got snapped up by some big company who are likely to try and sell us it back for hundreds. So it may have a new address, other than that, the site itself is almost finished and as soon as we aquire a new domain it'll be up and running.


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I have no idea what this image says but regardless I feel that it is very appropriate for celebrating the return of your website. 8)


"Oh! Dreej I want with your to the WC!"

"I want mix our DNA"

I coudn't agree more!

I owe you money by the way (havent forgotten!), gimmie a shout after friday, it shall be yours x

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