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  1. Jamie Christ has now confirmed. hope to see you there. excuse to got out eh
  2. sadly we had one those days we're we've had mass pullout, actually friday and saturday, so we've had to cancel the gig short notice. it was cancelled yesterday but i forgot to mention it on here, so anyone planning on going, don't bother. apologies but thats just how it goes sometimes aint it:down:
  3. still a slot or two left, so if you're in a punk band and would like to help us out with a good cause give me a PM or contact me on the myspace.com/chaosaberdeen
  4. Just a quick reminder that the Subs hit Cafe Drummonds this Sunday. More tickets will be in One-Up by Tomorrow Morning (Friday). So if you've been told that One-Up have no tickets left, don't worry. They'll be in tomorrow. If you can't make it into town before Sunday Don't worry as well cause the tickets will be sold on the door. Doors Open At 7pm. First Band should be on very shortly afterwards. Please Note Cafe Drummonds will be closed from around 5.30 to 7pm Only the Bands and Chaos Staff will be admitted into the venue at this time.
  5. saves ye writing "punks" which i think looks pretty naff. anyway. few days to go. will be a big party. should come down and have a good time folks.
  6. We have a surprise last minute booking for all of you to enjoy. ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONS (from Liverpool. Will play Aberdeen for the first time in over a year!!) DIRTY WEE MIDDENS (From Dundee. Triple Silence Records Horror Punx come back up the road since their last Aberdeen gig in January!!) JOHNNY SKYSCRAPER (From The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen:up:. Brilliant Drunk Punk cover band with some Ska thrown in there as well!!) Plus you get to see/listen to me DJ whatever the fuck i fancy playing on the night. Should be fun and all for only
  7. yeah and the rebel hearts decided not to show up either. fucking hate bands sometimes
  8. looking forward to this one. should be blast. hope all can come along. heres the poster:up:
  9. aye ats why its only 50p Camie. lol but aye, wish i was there, fucking hate being skint.
  10. yeah since its not the chaos tour anymore, i've opted to change the poster.
  11. no the rest of the tour got cancelled. long story the band doesn't want to talk about what happened on their part. however we're still going ahead with the thursday in aberdeen gig and the firday in edinburgh gig.
  12. aye the dangerfields and karloff lads are good mates. born to rock is a brilliant album. put it in yer cd player now! i should most defintaly maybe be there. depends if i can get eh cash. should do like.
  13. hope everyone enjoyed the show. dissappointed i couldn't be there, but i had to stay in the hospital. ill catch em another time.
  14. Na that's just a load of old bollocks. and the amount of people that actually believed the people who said that! absolute ridiculous. i totally oppose any form of fascism.
  15. don't think i've ever seen kef put a price on their gigs. it's when you show up for a local gig night and it costs you your first 3 rounds, thats when its a bastard. nae a big fan of kef anyway.
  16. really looking forward to this one. 2 weeks today
  17. heard they're being pretty strict about that gig. jesus thats a fairly old pic of me n jj. i remember being rather off my tits that evening.
  18. chaos

    A man found hanged

    not as amusing as i thought it would be
  19. teabags makes a valid point. i find the whole thing funny. couldn't give a shit less. first i thought it was just media attention cause famous folk checkin into rehab seems to be the 'in' thing just now, but some photos i've seen, she's actually off her tits crazy. i think it's brilliant.
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