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  1. I really like Which Way Now, but don't consider them to be a 'newcomer', they've been around for ages. My vote is definitely with Semperfi.
  2. I wonder what he was on when he thought of that. Well animated though.
  3. False. No curry unfortunately last night. TPBM has a shite summer job.
  4. In no order; Biffy Clyro (although definitely top) Incubus Shadows Fall Bob Marley and the Wailers Sigur Rs Dream Theater Idlewild Muse Pantera Sucioperro or RATM (can't decide)
  5. zomg she iz wel kl She deserves every minute of this sentence, if not only for apparently dating James Blunt.
  6. Davey_sc

    Your current read?

    I just finished 'Filth' By Irvine Welsh, and I thought it was pretty good, and very random. Anyone else read it?
  7. If I can't see it, it's not illegal. TPBM will vote for the Tories on 3rd May because they fancy Annabel Goldie.
  8. Apparently they're dying for plumbers in Poland...
  9. The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control
  10. Puzzle's out 9 days before, if I'm not wrong. Should be good.
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