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Edgar Prais and The Sloppy Drunk Boys

Edgar Prais

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Hello all.

We've recently been in the studio working on a few tracks, one of which is now mixed and online at our myspace page:

Edgar Prais and The Sloppy Drunk Boys. We would be very grateful if people took the time to listen and offer any feedback, constructive criticism, etcetera.

More tracks will be added over the course of the week as we mix them, so watch this space.

Thank you in advance.

Edgar Prais.

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Great song, love the guitar part. To be honest I always wanted to see you fellas with a different drummer (no offence, obv)

Not much to criticise, but if pushed I'd say the song feels a bit 'buttoned up' for my taste - I kinda wanted it to let loose a bit more. Definitely tempted me along to the Tunnels on the 2nd though.

Oh, and whisky is not whisky...

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Good stuff guys... Total change of guitar tone. I like it. I like how he's using his voice actually. Its a lot better than the last lot of songs I heard Kris sing. Seems to be using his voice more rather than growling. Keep up the good work. I'll be down to tech for you's ;)

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New song is fucking ace' date=' unbelieveably catchy BUT....

The best one is still to come, it featured an all star cast on cheers and screams.[/quote']


The lyrics for Bottom Of The Bottle are cool and funny.

It has a Get Up Kids feel to it but weird(and good) kinda way.

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