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xmas gig in drummonds - stayover - alamos - onion terror - the downroads

The Ghost Of Fudge

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cafe drummond

thursday 15th december 2005

STAYOVER! fabulous harmonies and smooth patter from everyone's favourites, up for Best Punk Act at this years fabulous Fudge Awards TM!


ALAMOS! dundonian post-punk on pet pirhana up for Best International Act at the Fudge Awards TM, awsome up-tempo riot songs akin to Franz Ferdinand fighting Mclusky!


ONION TERROR! amazing punk with the occasional foray into ska, utterly entertaining live and up for Best Punk Act at the Fudge Awards TM!


THE DOWNROADS! garage-rock with a retro feel, always on top of their game and primed to dispense fizzy riffs of joy and wisdom!

i don't think they have a website. madness. i could be wrong.

plus the kracken dj duo, and guest dj 'maxi'. there could also be some more djing slots for anyone interested... psydoll? onion terror? :)

we'll probably have a game of pass the parcel too. and maybe a wheelbarrow race if you're lucky....

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ahh hello again. as we just discussed, for the record, there will be a marshall combo, a laney combo, bass amp and basic kit provided by the kind folks in drummonds...

SOUNDCHECKS can't begin til 8pm because there's some shop or other beside them open for late night shopping on thursdays. so we're looking to soundcheck the downroads shortly after 8pm, and fire them onstage around 8.45pm...

the other bands will have to make-do with linechecks, but since it's a shared backline, what can go wrong?*

which all means we should expect to see onion terror onstage around 9.30/9.45pm... hurrah!

party games will probably occur whenever we feel you're all drunk enough. bring ID, eh? cool.

(* nb: that's a theoretical question, i don't need to see a list, okay?)

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alamos will be bringing their basic kit and bass amp for you to use. also their guitar cabs, if you have heads. if not, you can use the venues.

one more thing. new running order and stagetimes :D :D :D



10.30 ALAMOS


party games about 11ish i'd guess. maybe we can even persuade onion terror to provide the background music with a wah-wah jam or something.

open til 1am.

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I didn't do anything bad that night ' date=' did I?[/quote']

Apparently you ILLEGALLY bootlegged our set, but i do want to hear it.

The other three bands were pretty rare last night. Downroads brought the funk pop and the stage left guitarists tone and technique were amazing. My only criticism about stayover would be to change or not over-use the 50's radio harmony for variety, other than that it was a solid set. Alamos were absolutely ace, the unconventional disco drumming was brilliant to watch, got my fudge vote.Appologies to the person who had to clean the stage, we thought 20 year olds would have learned to close their mouth when eating.

Well done fudge.

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I captured your music in a conch shell and placed it on the beach for mermaids to listen to. You'll have to fight to get your music back.

Everyone knows that mermaids can't kick properly anyways so you'll be sorted.

Good night. Most enjoyable. Craig was to be seen DJing and rocking out in ze booth after the bands were finished.

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