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film idea

Sean Penn plays a social recluse from Paris Gerrard who gets drawn into a gang of mime artists through a series of strange audio visual events involving a farm maid kicking a cow in the face kung fu style. Gerrard goes looking for the answers to his visions on the streets of Paris only to find he is being stalked by a gang of mime's named the la peno noir. Halfway through the film the leader of la peno noir jean claude played by Sting approaches Gerrard with promises of balloons and invisible doors.

So after bonding Jean Claude sheds light on a forbidden secret of mime-hood known only to a handfull or faithful followers and buddist monks . The secret is the art of walking through the invisable door constructed by the mime himself and walking into the next world. Although the task is known to the chosen few it has never been completed by any living Frenchman and holds serious conseqences for anyone who attempts it.

Gerrard being a hero decides to defy the order of the mime and draws himself a box utilising the speed and skills learned from jean claude. Gerrard is found mid door making by Jean Claude a epic battle begins when all seemed lost for Gerrard he draws a huuuuuuuuuge invisable balloon around Jean Claude. This balloon suffocates Jean Claude throwing Gerrard into a shame spiral and a dangerous game of wits against the avenging peno noir.

Eventually Gerrard decides that he must travel the door to kill the farm maid to stop her from showering him with guilt, which he could never live with especially being a 8th level mime master demi-god. Through the door he travels only to find the farm maid already dead and the cows slaughtered, in confusion he searches the immediate area for the killer only to forget the door had expired behind him leaving him in his own freaky vision.

The last words are of Gerrard screaming "i have become my own hatred" *oh hohohoho* (thats the sound of a frenchman crying)

note: the theme music is mainly a mix of traditional arabic and early 80's disco pop

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I wanted to make a film about the invention of some kind of thing that could record your dreams and play them back. And then the main character would be dreaming .. something.. really sinister*.. and wouldn't even know, they could only find out by watching the recordings, and the plot would develop as they built up a story around the dreams. Or something.

*Maybe one day I'll actually think of something to fill the blanks in it, I just thought it could be a cool film.

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Kinda relevant this. Me and a mate had came up for a complete cast list for a metal gear solid film' date=' Can't really remember it now, but it had Hugh Jackman as Snake and Sean Bean as Liquid snake[/quote']

no, no and no

its kurt russle for snake and thats that

have u not seen escape from new york or escape from l.a !!!

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Nicolas Cage - Drug Dealer hell bent on striking destroying a government facility

Keiffer Sutherland - Government agend, CTU

Gael Garca Bernal - Innocent bistander brought into the loop, has to betray America.

Emmanuelle Bart - Femme Fatal sent by cage to distract Keiffer.

Gina Gershon - Keiffers wife, gets caught up with cages goons.

Danny Trejo - Head Goon.

Hundreds of other generic cops and bad guys from heaps of films in gunfights every 5 minutes.

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