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New Absinthe *COMING SOON*


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Just ordered some of these:



We're starting with the Absinthe Edouard 72, and if that goes well then we'll rotate through Jade Verte Suisse 65 and Nouvelle-Orl?ans too. These are considered to be among the finest expressions of commercially available Absinthe. So this will be interesting. The price may have to go up a bit though because these are much stronger and more expensive than the Lemercier 45 was.

It's highly recommended to add water to these BTW in order to release their full aroma and character. At 65-72% it would be a waste to drink them neat.

They should arrive by next weekend. I've only gone for 4 bottles so we may run out, but at 72% that's more like 7 bottles LMAO!

We're struggling to get of of Lemercier these days, so in the interim we've got some off-the-shelf Martin Sebor to tide us over.


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uh oh. don't let me at them flash! planning on drinking wine on Friday though and enjoying the sweet cultural sounds that jonny lucifer will provide. if i drink absinthe i'm likely to take a swing at someone' date=' which will be more embarrassing for me than sore for whoever gets in my way because i fight like an albyn girl.[/quote']

So I hope you are going to drink one of those 6 big bottles that I bought for you and Hog, and that nobody has touched yet. I only have 5 years to sell them before they go whacket.

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Im sure you are trying to kill me Flash' date=' hehe :)[/quote']

Not until you've taken those photos we discussed - but you've forgotten all about them haven't you?

(looking at your banner I still can't believe that Steve Cougan shagged Courtney Love... although it did take him 17 viagara tabs to face up to the task. Did you see the colour of her nostrils afterwards??? Wooo! For details on building your very own Courtney go here: www.realdoll.com I highly recommend the configuration, click on the purchase section to get to it)

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All three absinthes are now in stock and for sale. We have 12 bottles total, so no chance on running out. Also have spoons and should have sugar by tomorrow. Prices range from 2.50-3.50 depending on day time, and student status. Very accessible for something that retails at 70 per bottle!

Don't expect to go necking these as quick shooters because they are very strongly flavoured. The best option is to take it the traditional way and savour the experience.

Random fact: Absinthe is a digestant and paracide (it kills malaria).

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The absinthe I had last night was a cheeky fucker. I didn't feel that pissed when I left the bar' date=' but I can't remember getting home, going to bed or anthing I might have said or did in those missing hours. It was quite good shit![/quote']

It was quite subtle. I didn't notice it's effect taking hold of me at all but I was in a happy place by the time I started work at Moshulu.

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Well I took the plunger for real yesterday afternoon and as a result returned home carless :(

So here's the scoop...

Of the 3 absinthes the Nouvelle-Orleans 68 is the best candidate for the novice or session drinker. We found that diluting it with 1 part iced water poured over sugar produced a very smooth palletable drink with well balanced flavours. The effects hit in 10-20 minutes depending on how much you've eaten, and are much more pronounced that we anticipated. Your body temp goes up a notch (very pleasant), and you feel happy and calm. People tell me that the feeling is not dissimlar to things they may have smoked once in the past. Everyone went into a quiet and mellow zone. Someone said "I wouldn't mind feeling like this forever". Groovey. So not surprisingly there was an urge to drink a second shot... which resulted in a heavy stoning and a feeling of disconnection from reality, and an inability to do my job.

The Verte Suisse 65, although slightly weaker in alcohol is actually a much more potent absinthe. It's not as drinkable as the Nouvelle Orleans 68 but easier than the Edouard 72. The flavourings are much more intense, the taste slightly more bitter, and you feel compelled to drink it more slowly. The effects are significantly more pronounced.

The Edouard 72 is pure unadulterated nutter juice that exceeds the capabilities of most people.

I should add that even the Nouvelle-Orleans 68 will provide more than ample absinthe effects for most people. It's like comparing a 50megaton thermonuclear warhead to a 200megaton one. Both with produce a very big crater. By comparison Rocket Fuel (Wray & Nephew 62.5%abv) feels more like a more conventional 10kiloton device.

Put it this way... Mark the Bouncer will often down seven straight Rocket Fuels in the space of 30 minutes after his shift has ended. Yet he struggled to handle one Verte Suisse 65. Big Pete who is renouned for his drinking prowess managed only four Edouard 72s. So the absinthe would appear to be somewhat self regulating.

I'd recommend starting with the Nouvelle-Orleans 68, then working up to the Verte Suisse 65, and only after some practice attempting the Edouard 72.


Here's some more information:

The alcohol content of Absinthe is largely irrelevant. Asking the %abv is like asking the PH of the water in a cup of expresso. The alcohol is only there to extract the other psychoactive ingredients which are mainly alcohol solvent.

Neither is the infamous thujone content of any relevance: "The convulsive ED50 of thujone in rats is 35.5 mg/kg/day po, and the no effect level is 12.5 mg/kg/day po (Margaria, R. (1963) Acute and sub-acute toxicity study on thujone. Unpublished report of Istito di Fisiologia, Universit di Milano)."

This means that in order to feel any effect from thujone an adult would have to consume approx 1g of the stuff... and the point at which borders on lethal is 3g! Now if you extrapolated that to alcohol - say vodka for instance, then it would mean that you had to drink 10 shots before you felt the slightest buzz but would still die of alcohol poisoning after a bottles worth. Not something that has any recreational value whatsoever. The thujone is only in there as a byproduct of the herbs they use. It's concentrations are so small that you'd die of alcohol posioning long before you reached even 1/10th of it's threshold dose!

Proper absinthe is produced from a number of psychoative herbs in intense concentrations. It was like a 19th century ultra version of vodka-red bull.

See here for more information: http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/ABSfaq.html

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