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If God Was One of Us...


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Or better yet !

Stop taking everything so literal.

I don't believe in God, but I do believe in the concept that there is a creator.

Who, we will never know, Or does someone know something I don't.

LOW IQ!!!!

I don't have any IQ for it to be low or high, I think...therefore I am..THINK about that, and come back to and tell me what it means, then we will judge IQ

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Here we go' date=' philosophy alert. First of all you must understand Kirschmann and Murray, then come back and discuss.[/quote']

Will do?

Got any books in preferance by them? Or is it just a one off philosophy book by each ?

Either way am always keen for a good read. :D

Have you seen the David Icke theories...WOW.....this guy needs some valium.

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You dont need to understand how someone else saw the world' date=' to contemplate it in your own way[/quote']

I like your way of thinking.....

"I think, therefore I am" .....What this means to me is; I am the only person in the world that can confirm my existance. Others could confirm it for me, but then maybe I wanted them to confirm it to me so i knew I existed.

This to me opens up so many doors in my mind, I could be the only person that exists in the entire universe, and the rest of you are apart of my vision of the world, or vice-versa. OK - getting a little lost with this, but it makes sense in my head.

Can someone else just confirm that I exist...? No, you cant! because how do you know I exist? This might be already paved, this message may have been put here to decieve you into thinking that I exsist when the truth of it may be that I don't. Only I know that this message is apart of my existance.

I need weed, or a lack of? Anyone in the deen got a PM for me...Im looking for an O of Colour

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