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Whats the most annoying noise in the world when you are trying to sleep?


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Is it the 2 bastard fucking generators that have been outside my house for the past few days powering a set of traffic lights?! :ding: DING! Correct answer! For all the cars that use this road at this time of night anyway, usually they are the type where the driver is playing techno at 9 million watts and I prefer when they can whizz past as fast as possible, not sit and wait outside my house at traffic lights for 5 minutes with the music fucking blaring....if my mics were at home so I could record you a sample, you wouldn't believe the noise I am hearing just now....we haven't even had so much as a little note thrown into the building saying "Road works happening between XX-XX ... expect as much noise and chaos as possible"

Who's skull do I get to take a crow bar to for this X( X(X((X(X(X

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a fucking refrigerated lorry in the car park across from my house, every time i start nodding off it blares itself into action. That and the high speed ferry sitting in the peir making its noises all fucking night. And the boy fucking racers flying around sed car park and talking in their fucking annoying yokal accents really loud trying to sound intelligent and opinionated around their eqiually no brainer mates and slapper lassies who hang around them.

That is why i am posting at this ungodly hour. Plus i have to drive back to aberdeen in the morning with probably half an hour's sleep under my belt. I am not going to be the happiest bunnie tomorrow.

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Guest bluesxman

My next door neighbour playing dreadful music full blast at 1 in the morning in his 'soundproofed' music room, i.e. garage with some additional sheets of plasterboard fitted - about as soundproof as a wet bit of tissue. Don't like complaining since i'm battering my drums all the time but at least i'm civilised with my timing.

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two of my fucking neighbours are doing stuff to there houses, one starts at 7.30 am and ends at 6, then the other bastard starts bang bang banging at a wall till 11.30, there is no ecape form these eejits

bang bang bang

pause... power saw

bang bang bang, thro something in the skip

power drill



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