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Ms. guitar of all time award


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as the height of boredom rises here on the internet i thought to myself i want a new guitar so me being me i got one but i wanted one not for its classy sounds or good pickups but one for style alone , well, hey i allready have 8 guitars so i mayswell get one rocking axe

so that brings me to the quiestion what guitar is the best looking!?

i vote the peavey rotor or the gibson explorer

what do you think? :band:

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Euuchh that Vai model is a horrid souless piece of tat...but you know whatever floats your boat : p

Current favourites are PRS SE Soap Bar II which is much more appealing than any of the expensive PRS' or Telecasters...got to be the right one though...

For all time I think it would have to be a Les Paul or a Strat...

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If you already have 8 guitars why not get something custom built, especially for you?

There is a number of companies who do this. I know that Chris McIntyre makes great axes in London. http://www.mcintyreguitars.com/

Or there is the likes of http://www.warmoth.com/ where you can select each part of the guitar individually then built it yourself. Everyone seems to say it is great.


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