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  1. I knew what you were about, took it that way and was thinking you'd respond. You need to work on your smack talk if yer gonna knock me off my zimmer frame...
  2. Ohhh! Peaked early, looks like! It's gotta hurt being, what, 4th? Did I read that right? 4th? My bands beat you TWICE in one category this year? But on to more important things, small city minded or not. Congrats to the winners! Well done!
  3. Cheers guys, trucks loaded and gone now. I'm off on Thursday or so. It's been a great seven years or so, with luck I'll see some at the Fudge awards. Otherwise, if you get stateside gimme a shout!
  4. Nope. I would have, last week. But as of this minute its buried in a sea container bound for Texas....
  5. G, I'll point my friend Eric at these. Stay tuned...
  6. George l solderless cables. They sound great, and if you gig a lot the fact that you can fix them on the spot with a scissors can be a life saver- no more crackling cables.
  7. If you're interested please give me a shout ASAP. It goes into a moving van next week...
  8. Theyre unmarked, no model info except for the word 'eminence' across the dust cap cover on the front. They're coming out of an old pro reverb, so the pair in parallel can handle 40 watts. Thats the extent of what I know, because they were in the amp when I got it, so they're at least 10 years old. They're fine sounding speakers. The boxes are pretty stylin too. Email is better if you want to know more. I'm in the middle of moving and not checking in here all that often...
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