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  1. Andy Sipowicz in NYPD Blue (played by Dennis Franz) - best ever I'd say!
  2. I paid about 110 quid I think on a 400 quid guitar from the US. I think thats what it was but it was a while ago
  3. don't take any of the bus tour things in rome, if you're there for a few days you can walk to pretty much all the major places of interest and do it at your own pace. plus find really cool restaurants and cafes at the same time. It really is an amazing city! my favourite after NY
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytsgfDaVD_I&search=my%20morning%20jacket - My Morning Jacket doing One Big Holiday at Coachella - brilliant!
  5. some chris morris musings about people complaining about his programs: That's what happens with complaints. They are ignored. Quite rightly, complaints have no editorial impact whatsoever. They are all palpably absurd. Flick through the phone logs for any programme and you will find the same insane allegations and barkingly excessive language. In the case of The Day Today the programme is 'revolting', 'absolutely disgusting', 'repulsive' .. Repulsive!? Really? Imagine yourself the last time you found something genuinely 'repulsive' - someone on the Tube sneezed into your mouth - remember how it felt (a gobbet of necrotic lung sluiced across the back of your tongue). That was repulsive. You retched. Now what sort of person comes anywhere near honking at the mere sight of a man swearing on telly? Only a moon calf. Complainers represent no one but themselves. The Day Today received 40 indignant calls per week: that made it one of the most vilified programmes around. Yet its detractors represent less than 2/1,000ths of a per cent of the programme's measured audience.
  6. I've got a 40" sony bravia lcd, it has loads of inputs including pc inputs, I would imagine most similar models would have inputs for a pc. hd ready is a bit of a con unless you have an hd source. i got sky hd a couple of weeks though and it is amazing, the football looks amazing on it and the colour is stunning - a major improvement on the normal picture. it is a bit pricy considering the content available just now though
  7. they show it on uk gold now I think but all the stupid comments they put up are out of date
  8. I'd be up for seeing them. They've got a new album coming out later this year I think with DangerMouse producing apparently
  9. my bro's was at thainstone house - very nice, don't think it comes too cheap though
  10. Wnat One is probably my favourite but they're all good. Favourite tracks from all albums are 'Dinner at Eight', 'Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk', 'The Art Teacher', 'Nashville Skyline' - there's so many good ones though. If you can get his dvd it is excellent value, loads of live performances, an hour and a half long documentary etc.
  11. Yeah, Debra's probably my favourite track off that album! The lyrics are brilliant!
  12. I've never understood why everyone is so critical of midnite vultures. I'll admit that when it first came out I wasn't really into it but about a year or 2 later I started listening to it and totally got into it. It is quite different from the rest of his stuff but I really like it anyway.
  13. I'd agree that this and Mutations are his best albums as well. I love Odelay and Midnite Vultures as well, Guero I wasn't such a big fan of although I still liked it. As a whole album I think Sea Change is probably his best though, I love how understated it is - really brings out how good his songwriting is. My personal favourites off that album are 'Guess I'm Doing Fine', 'Lonesome Tears' and 'Lost Cause'.
  14. I don't have a number 1 album, there's no one album that I'd say is my favourite. I agree with radiohead being in the top 10 but Oasis shouldn't be anywhere near the top spot in my opinion but then I've always had a hatred for them.
  15. Here we go again, yet another top 20 albums of all time: http://www.nme.com/news/oasis/23227 I hate these things, I mean oasis at number 1, ffs!
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