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  1. Next time you're on a bus or train, place an elastic band around the head of your seat and your own head. No more 'pecking corn' and you will look cool as fudge.
  2. Nodding off on trains or buses and doing the mini sleep-headbang (especailly if you are sitting at a table facing girls). Also waiting to use festival toilets with bogroll in hand.
  3. I think you're talking about Hillhead bookclub off Byres Road? They have a snes, megadrive and a playstation setup. Most of the playstation dics are scratched to shit so don't work, however last time I was there a working copy of Bushido Blade was in the machine. Drunken samurai showdowns? yes please.
  4. Shutterspeed are yesterdays news. When's the solo album coming out Deyzer?
  5. I do this a lot too, my shower provides a lovely drone to which I like to sing raga scales. On a different note, I can spend hours drawing little white squares with my mouse which line up with various things on my desktop, for example wallpaper, files, the edge of my screen etc. Oh and if i'm lucky one of the little squares will stay there after I release the button, then I get to line up another white square with it, and joy of joy when the two lines meet they disappear. If you don't know what I'm talking about you have never lived.
  6. It is 100% true, however I am unsure how to prove it...I have a photo of myself on the forth road bridge on a bike cheering if that helps? I would love to get on the guest list, PM sent.
  7. I remember the last time Errors played at Cab Vol in Edinburgh, I was desperate to see them however was feeling the sting of travel and ticket costs. My solution was to cycle from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in order to catch the gig, the result was two days of cycling, a night camped in a park in Dundee, and being utterly knackered for the gig. Still worth it! Can't wait for this one, Errors gigs are always a blast.
  8. Apologies Dusty. No perhaps not as graphic as that, the Oscars are shite anyway, Dundies FTW.
  9. I did think that, but I have been assured not. From what I have read people are suggesting that 'The Road' was a little too graphic for the sensitivie stomachs at the academy.
  10. I for one am surprised to see that "The Road" and in particular Viggo have been completely overlooked this year, shocking as his performance was absolutely exemplary.
  11. Not sure if it has been mentioned but Grim Fandango's soundtrack was sublime.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone YouTube - Chimpanzee Riding A Segway - Parry Gripp
  13. Yeah it's truly hard to beat the Gervais and co. back catalogue. However the Adam and Joe podcast is always a good laugh as is the Answer Me This Podcast (Answer Me This! Podcast), I think it was nominated for some Sony Awards and shit.
  14. Too true, "On this week's blog, Kaplank Kapow look at what's hot and what's not on the streets of Aberdeen: Human compassion NOT, Geek Pie HOT."
  15. Nicoboninus by Terry Jones. Erik the Viking by Terry Jones In fact most childrens books by Terry Jones.
  16. When is this gig happening?
  17. Watched Young Frankenstein last night. Brooks at his best and Wilder is as always sublime. "Damn your eyes!"
  18. Damnit I never thought I'd see the day, who knew Cage had it in him. Such passion, such rage...
  19. Ok I retract my previous statement, Nicholas Cage has just become my all time favourite actor. That video is unquestionably 2 minutes of pure joy. "Not the Beeeeeees!!"
  20. Indeed, Rourke is fantastic and it is perhaps the only film starring Nicholas Cage where I haven't wanted to throw the remote through the screen at his utter shiteness, ok maybe Wild at Heart excluded as well. Hopper as drunken dad is also superb.
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