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tracks for fudge cd#10 - is your band on the list?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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tracks for fudge cd#10 - get your shit together!

the following bands all won tracks on the cd at fudge gigs, or are in the initial invite list. well done i'm sure. if you could drop us a line to say you don't mind your music being given away free on a fudge cd, and to let us have a track or two to choose from.

ideally, we'd like exclusives of course, but we'll take any old shit as long as we like it, or feel we have to put it on the cd for some other reason. :)

the list, as it's scrawled on this peice of paper:

hot mangu?

monkrocker - *jingle?*

the midnight noise collective - *are you going to get me a cd?*



onion terror - *can we pick a track? or something new?*


black atom - *which track or can we choose?*


stayover - *am i getting a jingle? and am i getting a track?*

genevieve - *cd please?*

the weapon?

quik - *are you going to get a cd to me?*

plus more to be added, and perhaps some to be removed... :)

this lot are on the CD for sure:

the kitchen cynics

5 finger discount


samurai fury

deadloss superstar



eric euan



within these walls

obsessive compulsive

babar luck





radio lucifer

alt.rock tm


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hmm, i'm trying to think when it was recorded. 'Who You Gonna Call' was done in 2000 and I think that LOSD was recorded the following year (just before we split for uni) which would make it 4 years old! Since we came to uni, we never really got round to getting it out there and letting people hear it so the plan is to chop a couple of tracks, get the artwork tidied up and put it out cheap and fast, then get a few more gigs before christmas and look at recording the new stuff about easter time. So what I'm saying is, there's a revolution about to happen, do you want to be a part of it? ;)



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