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Hilarity prevails!

Rik Mayall and Ade Edmundson are the gretest 2 piece in my eyes.

Right thats it, get out of my house


You Heard!

No I didn't

Well I'm not going to repeat that twice young man

Well I can't do anything about it


Look! This is my house, so get out!

You can't throw me out I've got rights, I pay rent!

h-h-h-h-hm You're supposed to pay rent, I haven't actually seen any money

Well I've been busy haven't I....how much do I owe

Eleven thousand three hundred and fifty seven pounds...and sixty six...new pence

I've got twenty p

Well you better get out of my house then

Its not your house its your Aunts house

For the purpose of this conversation I AM my aunt

....oh....Hello Mabel

Shit! Is She here?! Quick, hide the fags!...Hello Aunty!!


Right thats it, get out!!

(Not Birdman)

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Well I don't mind that... Just as long as the bugger makes me laugh.

The Young Ones is entirely fantastic as well... Grew up watching it. Parents had taped them all and so I started watching them when I was 10 or younger... I think it may have had some sort of weird effect on my emotional development.


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Guest haigyman
i love bottom!

the only thing that could shut me up from about the age of 3 :D

my brother would just stick me down in front of the tv although i didnt understand most of the jokes til i was older

the age of THREE!? no wonder you have such a dirty mind

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
The best episode has to be the camping one!

Nah, I would say the best one is when they join the dating agency. Half an hour of hilarity from soup to after eights. The bit where Richie gets Eddie's head stuck in the pot of mash has me falling off the settee every time.

"Oh...Natasha! Do you believe in sex before marriage?"

"Yes, I do."

"Would you...........practice it?"

"Yes, I would."

"Would you...........practice it now?"


"You don't have to be like.......WHAT?"

Shame he had a heart attack just as battle was about to commence and Eddie gave her one instead.

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Richie: "Thieving bastard Gypos...somebodies swiped my wallet!"

Carnie: "Yeah likely story, come on I want me forty five quid"

Richie: "Didn't you just hear me. I've just lost three hundred pounds. yeah and I wouldn't be surprised if you nicked it, ya swarming theiving nomad! Yes!! Either you or one of your slippery deformed half brothers...Well you're not in Romania now buster and I'm going to get a british policeman"

Rik Mayall = Funniest script writing of all time!

(Not Birdman)

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I love the part where Richie is freaking out before they go on holiday in 5 hours time so he gets Eddie to walk to the train station and back to time it, see how long it takes.

I know its already been established, but, Bottom is just the definition of Sublime in comedy.

Has anyone ever watched every single episode back to back (18 of)? if so, can I meet you??......is it true what the myth is when you watch all of them back to back?

(Not Birdman)

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