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Okay, a little help..

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Guest crime-is-for-dorks


Right...We, My Mind's Weapon, have a woman coming to stay with from Wednesday till the following Tuesday. She's about to start up here own managemnt/PR company and has a lot of contacts, and she's flying all the way over here from massachusetts just to check out how we are as a band and whatnot. I guess it's a good chance for us, and being an Aberdeen band, I figured posting on Aberdeen-Music was appropriate, now for the part of relevance.

We obviously have to play when she's here, I had scheduled a gig at Drakes, but for obvious reasons, I've had to change the venue, it's now looking like this..

My Mind's Weapon (just back from 2 south coast dates - "Tightest band I've seen for years" Dan Jairus, "One of the best bands I've ever booked, totally blew me away" Glen Poyner, Torch the House Promotions, Torquay. Got some new material on the way too.)

StayOver (Ex Member of Point of Origin are backs with more hooks than an angling store, come forth!)

At Long Last (New Skate Punk Metal band ala' Strung Out and Rise Against, been holed up practising for around a year, Punk Fat Wreck Stylee from BOD' Much promise )

One More TBC

It's at Kef, on Monday Feb 7th. Only 3.50 with doors at seven and a half ten curfew, so loads of time for buses, please come along and add to whats promised to be a good atmosphere.

It'll also be the launch of our new EP 'Kill...My Mind's Weapon'.



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I'm selling my Fightstar tickets so I can go to my staff night out and drink the free booze. When I said "see you in the street" I meant the gutter.

When you're in the gutter, if you come across my mind I'd like it back.

Listen up people:

This is the gig you want to see. 10 scene points to everyone in attendance. 20 scene points to everyone who brings a friend. If you can't drive there, take the bus. If you can't catch a bus, walk. If you can't walk, crawl or get someone to carry you. If you can't afford the 3.50 we have (in our infinite wisdom) provided beggers just outside the venue which you may brutally kick to death and steal money from.

You will want to be there. Be there.

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I figured it all out' date=' in a frenzy of panic - go to kef see At Long Last, scoot over to the lemon tree at 9 to see Fighstar(or some of the set) and then scoot back to Kef again to see MMW - it can work - i hope, or maybe i could sell my fightstar ticket for lots of money..hmm...[/quote']

Sounds like a good plan.

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Guest idol_wild
b b b b b uttttt fightstar are fucking rubbish' date=' have you actually heard them??

i dont get it why is everyone going to see fightstar anyway?they are rubbish[/quote']

Some people could apply that chain of thought to MMW, y'know.

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