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wireless kits

Leckie Gilman

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The 44s just bought some AKG ones..... Obviously having an 8 piece on a small stage can cause a huge deal of tangles etc....

They were bought from www.soundslive.co.uk

AKG Sr40s and GB40s


169 instead of 219....

They got a few more in stock also....

You need to let them know what type of guitar it`s for as some guitars have a different input...

Although this is mainly for SG / Tele and Strat users

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Guest Hairy Scary Mark

i would like to get one some day but i would rather spend money upgrading the rest of my setup or investing in spares incase things go wrong.

The cheap ones often dont sound very good. You also risk your unit picking up other peoples and vise versa. The best way to stop this is to buy a licenced frequency so nobody else can use your frequency. I heard this costs around 75 a year. I have also seen a lot of interfeirance caused by other electrical devices with radio mic's.

If you get one make sure you change your battery regularly.

I dont think they would be that hard to break so if you get one make sure you bring a lead as backuip.

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