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I run a marshall JMP at full pre-amp vol and full master vol through the low input. (using an attenuator)

Bass - 10, Mids - 10, Treb - 4. Presence - 5.

Notch the guitar volume down to 3/4 for a slightly dirty sound then step on the guv'nor or the shred master for rock or metal accordingly. I also use a danelectro mini EQ as a solo boost.

To hear it in action:

http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~03008359/deadenstereo/mp3/Deadenstereo - Disinformatsyia (Live).mp3

I use a cleaner tone now for the quieter bits.

I find this sound works well to give a solid rythtymtheythm (can't spell that word for shit) sound, nice and heavy and a passable tone for lead work.

Using a Yamaha SG double humbucker guitar


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Amp: Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100 Head

well, i have 3 different channels on my amp. 1 clean... 2 dirty

here goes...


Bass: 7

Mid: 5

Treb: 6

Volume: 8

Channel 2 - Crunch:

Bass: 4

Mid: 4

Treb: 6

Volume: 8

Gain: 8

Channel 3 - Lead

Bass: 4.5

Mid: 4.5

Treb: 6

Volume: 8

Gain: 7.5

Master Controls

Volume: Depends on situation... room 2.5

Presence: 5

I get a thick clean sound

my 2nd channel gives me a nice thick crunch like a JTM45(which is what the sound is modelled after)... sounds awesome when boosted with an overdrive :D

3rd channel is awesome. excellent rock tone. boost it with a pedal and its unreal!

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Originally posted by lime:

did you buy an atenuator serperetly?

Yeah, imported a Weber MASS (www.webervst.com). Cost me 120 for the 50W version with a 4/8 Ohm switch plus all taxes and duties. Cheaper than your average Marshall Powerbrake.

On that note, I saw a notice inside of Stage 2000 in Dundee where somebody was selling a Powerbrake for 100. Can't remember the phone number though.

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Originally posted by craig deadenstereo:

gotta cut through! Scooped mids don't sound good out of the bedroom....

Even I know that and I'm not metal!



They dont sound good out of your bedroom - spot on!

I used to have my settings:

gain - 9

bass - 9

mids - 1

treb - 7

but it sounded root live, didn't cut through.

Now I reduce the treb instead of the mids and I still get a ballsy distortion, but with less high end.

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i use a marshall valvestate2000 AVT-100. i use the OD1 channel (the lighter distorsion) with my les-paul and the OD2 (the heavier distorsion) with my fat strat. this is just cos it sounds better on the different guitars.

i have the EQ set like this:

bass 8

mid 4

treble 7

presence 7

and the volume as loud as i can get away with in my bedroom without knocking stuff off shelves in other rooms and my mum complaining.

also i leave both channels unscooped basically because i can't get it to sound good. it just doesn't work for my guitars.

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I don't run it inline. there was a full stop there I tell ya!

I use it between the amp and the speaker cabinet.

What is an attenuator?

Basically an attenuator is like a energy soak....

With an all valve amp you can get a form of distortion from running it at very high volumes. It's called power tube saturation. However when you run the amp that high it's incredibly loud and is almost unusable (unless you're playing stadiums!). The attenuator soaks up some fo the power and allows you to get the sound without the crazy volumes.

Hope that clears it up.

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I thought that's what you meant. It would have been easier to understand if you'd said 'master volume at full ( through an attenuator)' or something like that.

Or maybe I'm just thick and it was perfectly understandable your way.

Note for the confused: there is no point in using an attenuator if the output stage of your amp isn't valve. Just attenuate the signal using the in-built attenuator (master volume).

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Originally posted by craig deadenstereo:

The attenuator soaks up some fo the power and allows you to get the sound without the crazy volumes.

I had a THD HotPlate... was quite cool. still didn't get that sweet sound though. i htink the speakers fucking up really adds a lot to the tone :D

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I use my 50W JCM2000 Marshall head set on :

Gain Channel (normal mode)

Gain : 10

Volume : 4-5

Treble : 6

Middle : 6

Bass : 8

Presence : 8

Deep switch on

Mid cut switch off

This I drive from an ESP Viper-301 with the EMG-HZ lead pickup (soon to be replaced with an EMG-60) wired directly to the guitar output (no volume/tone control or pickup selection!), and the amp hooks up to a 300W 50th Anniversary Fender 4x12 cab. The Fender cab is quite tonal rather than being bass driven like a Marshall, so I get a really tight, cutting sound from it. The 50W head is also better than a 100W because I can give it more master volume to get better valve drive, but without too much overall output volume level.

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Guest Kryys With No 'X'

Now this is interesting.

My current set up:

Marshall, DSL 50 - Running through a Marshall 4x12 bass cab.

Presence - 6

Bass - 4.5

Middle - 6.5

Treble - 7.5

Reverb - 3.5

Gain - 6

Volume - 5.5

Vox AC30, through the brilliant input


Brilliant - 6

Treble - 7

Bass - 4

Cut - 6

...because of volumes I need to give this bad boy an extra little push, so I use an Ibanez Tubescreamer, level set at about 3, tone and drive about mid-way.

I also use a Boss DD3 which I run straight into the front of the amp (well the A/B/Y box), for extra warmth and fatness when required.

My main guitars are les pauls, strung with D'Addario 11 - 49's.

Slung low, rocked hard!

I have a very hard attack, as well as the fact I've opted for raising my neck pick up and lowering the bridge for a very bass heavy 'woody' sound.

I'm very particular about my gear and tone.


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