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Christmas presents.


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If they like reading there's a new book out about Peter Williamson' date=' the Aberdonian who was a child slave, taken to the USAin the 18th century. It's called "Indian Peter".[/quote']

Instincts would say it would end up being used as a drinks coaster, but I'd like a read of that myself maybe, so thanks for that idea too.

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you pair of tits' date=' you get spa stuff there lol DUH! erm theres perfume, body scrub, makeup, they even have jams lol

oh sorry, that toilet brush statement must have come from teh boy who buys his xmas presents on ebay...[/quote']

Er... what?

No, seriously, please, some one explain what that meant. I understood the little comment about buying presents from ebay, but the first part has got me stumped.

And just to clear thing up, the toilet brush and mouthwash idea was a joke. People who take it seriously, be sure to PM me with your name and address so that I may smite thee. I'll even allow you to choose between the mighty battle-axe, the Forrest brand chainsaw, or whatever is inside the magic box.

Cripes, I've got far too much time on my hands. Must find a hobby.

Good byes!

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