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Phantom of the Opera


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Might go and see it' date=' so its recommended?

On a totally different note, Im sure I saw you last week Rach waiting for a bus in Portlethen. You were texting on your mobile. I passed 10 minutes later on my way back out again and you will still texting lol![/quote']

me standing at a bus stop in portlethen.......?

most probably!

i text to stop my fingers from dying in the cold :(

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I love this movie but I've embarassingly never seen the stage version. The opening chandelier scene is like the greatest movie opening of all time in my opinion.

Even though the Glasgow UGC has amazing surrounds, I agree.. you can't beat the live acoustics of a theatre show. So I'm gonna save up a wad of dough, go to London and see the musical. Dunno how I'm gonna execute this plan though.

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