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Greatest rock 'n' roll band live album - discuss!

Rob Karloff

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The duelling guitars of the Young brothers, here still combined with the superlatively demonic tones of original singer Bon Scott, have never been so well showcased as on this live album from their Powerage tour. Masters of the killer riff, AC/DC were at this stage still in full command of the tongue-in-cheek Australian energy that served them so well. With Angus Young's crackling lead guitar fluently tearing up every solo spot he gets with exuberant panache and Bon Scott exuding equal helpings of leering menace and outsider humour, the result is a superlatively potent brew. Above all, their music has a real sense of dynamics, space and pace--essential for any such music to be truly effective. All of this album is essential listening, but in particular don't miss "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be", "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Problem Child". - Amazon.co.uk

AC/DCs "If you want blood, you've got it" album. Start to finish it blows my socks off everytime... Crank the stereo and listen to "Riff Raff" kick in.. MEGA!

Yes, there's Queen, but in terms of pure, balls to the wall R'n'R, no-one beats Bon Scott era AC/DC, and this live album in particular.

The Darkness should realise this.

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