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In a name...


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i think names are pretty important, they convey your first impression of a band, if i said today i got cd's by nevermore and shadows fall (which i did) then you could probably guess they were hevy metal or something similar

also it gives you an impression of the bands attitude, you can guess nevermore are going to be a pretty serious band, whereas the offspring sound more happy and fun

at it gives you your first idea on how 'cool' the band is, if a cd has a cool name on it then you are more likely to pick it up than if it had a dumb name (or vice versa depending on taste)


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Originally posted by sye

1) Does it really matter waht you call your band?

2)..and does anyone really just stumble apon a name these days?

1) it shoudn't really because a name is just..... a name - unless its a persona - then the name would be relevant. However a name is only something that a band is recognised by, nothing more - some are gender specific. others aren't.

2) Onion Terror - was the name of a horse in a brass eye documentary about gambling or something like tha, and as soon as i heard it i thought it was the shizz nit.

But i dont know who could have decided on last time perfect.

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Re: Re: In a name...

Originally posted by Paulscoconutface

Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.......... But i dont know who could have decided on last time perfect.

Yes, who indeed...

But the question is not "who?" because we already know "who", the questions is "why?"

Or something to that effect...

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Band names are a tough one to get right. I used to be in a punk band called Feeble, a rock band called Konspiracy, a good band (pretty much genre-less at the time) called Arnica and I used to engineer for a band called the Small Gentlemen. I was also in another band but I can't remember the name of it. It must have been a good name then if I can't remember it!

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I was once in a band called Colin Cant and the Zimbabwe Five. For no reason other than it sounded funny at the time. Sadly we got boycotted because someone spread a rumour that we were from South Africa and supported apartheid. Didn't even know what it was then, but we still lost a few good gigs, so band names can make a difference.

I was also once in 'Screamin for Pussy' who didn't do too well either...:(

take care, kids...

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A bands name is very important coz when people arent listening to you

or seeing you live the name is all they have to go on.

so it has to catchy and descriptive of the bands sound,

band members unite under the banner of a name and you should be proud of your name coz if people ask whats the name of your band? and you start by saying

its weird but or its stupid but thats not a good thing

I should know Ive been in


The Janets



eric euan

stay away from numbers they suck!

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Guest suicide_makeover
Originally posted by sye

Is that a real word? If not how did you stumble across a word like that? Unless you were trying to soleness or something and mumbled across it...? :p

Solinus was a Roman philosopher...he didn't believe in womens rights...

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