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  1. This is still for sale. £25 anyone? At a push it's a 6 channel mixer
  2. "The XR-7 is a multitracker that combines a multi-function mixer with six inputs(two of which accept mic signals)and AUXofBI alternate mechanism, and a high-performance four-track cassette recorder with full logic controls, a high-quality,double-speedtape transport, and DOLBY C Noise reduction system TheXR-7 offers versatility and advanced functionality, including four-track simultaneous recording, punch in/out by footswitch, zero return/auto-playback, operation indicators, and instrument rehearsal mode at half speed. The XR-7 allows you to create high-quality sounds easily, using techniques such as playing four different instruments by yourself, track bouncing, tape sync, and mix down." Quite a few years old, comes complete with the original manual and powersupply. In full working condition. Looking for 40 O.N.O. Old SOS Review: Fostex XR7
  3. I'm actually quite impressed at the lack of negativity in this thread. Well done Aberdeen music - for once Well done to Jamesy and Jim and all at Drummonds / Tunnels for making this a reality. See you in the beer tent!
  4. Curly hair a must. White gloves not included
  5. Radial FTW Radial Products Index
  6. Being in the rehearsal room should always be treated like you are playing on stage - if you are serious about gigging. If you can't hear shit in the rehearsal room what chance do you have to hear things on a stage? Monitors only do so much - no matter how many valves you have in your amp.
  7. Insane? No. Practical? Yes. It really works
  8. Where are you rehearsing and what system are you using? From my experience with bands rehearsing at Toms (and myself rehearsing) it helps loads if everyone just turns the hell down
  9. badger

    Stage Hire

    Stageline Same staging that was used at Feugh Or you could try Limelights in Inverness who did Wizard fest staging. Old post I know, might be useful for someone else
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