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Recommend one thing.........


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be it an instrument, a playing technique, a piece of stagecraft, a playing habit, recording tip, marketing idea, van loading method, whatever you do- or don't reckon the rest of us should do.


Lurid anecdotes or long term reviews welcome:-)


Big range of ages, experience levels and musical tastes are represented here.  Sometimes the youngest amongst us will have a tip that no-one else has thought of.....



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I'd say to be more open to ideas, learn to appreciate ones tastes and influences, and then blend it all together to work on what you want to achieve. It also joins in with don't be so far up your own arse and to know what works as a whole.

A band is a team effort and everybody needs to contribute!

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Get into rock n roll because u like music not to get laid. The latter Results in unwanted csa payments which in turn restricts your ability to buy musical equipment and furthermore will leave u with an encore electric guitar , matching amp and No pedals. Thats a crucial tip but i dont Talk from experience

Agreed, I hate it when music gets laid.

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