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rocket fuel

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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This post from a man that "can't drink spirirts". Jesus what have we done to you?

Merry Christmas once had 6, but that's to the best of my knowledge. Some of them may have combusted as opposed to digested.

Once the T-Shirts come out it will be necessary to consume something like 8 or 9 Rocket Fuels throughout a single day in order to get one. However under those circumstances dilution with mixers will be permitted.

Theoretically the LD50 most people would be about 18-20. Don't even think about it!

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

6, jesus. The most I;ve ever had in a night was 4. though I am innovative with my RF, mixing it with addlestones for great effect. and I'm still not a spirits man, though i will tolerate the short, sharp shock of rocket fuel for its unrivaled ability to intoxicate me.

Tshirts!? explain!

and what on earth are you talking about with LD50?!

flash, i think you've been at the bar tonight

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Guest Stephanie
i usually have 3 rocket fuels at the moorings and don't throw up!

i'm gonna try and extend it gradually' date=' what's the record flash?[/quote']

Noooooo, the forbidden drink! tsssk, naughty.

Don't do it kids...

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