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Can I start a Timson and Shaun F rule thread again?


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Guest Jake Wifebeater
I'll get that video off of you tomorrow night Jake if that's cool? At the Filthpact/Easpa Measa/Evacuating Heaven gig?

Fuck, sorry man, I sold it today! I thought you'd decided against it, anything else you're after?

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Hawg is the voice that lurks in all our heads (as am I) and unfortunatly he made us sign a waver saying that he is not responsible for our action. you crafty bugger. but unlike hawg I just tell you to burn things and have your way with what ever comes to pass. I know what you did last night you sick fuck!

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I presume you're talking to Hog there, Jaimi, as I stayed in last night, reading an Edmund Crispin book and listening to music, apart from short pauses to watch Emmerdale, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Scotsport (pretty sick though, I admit).

I WILL be out in Drakes tonight, but the chances of me getting up to anything sick are slim, nowadays, unforunately :rolleyes: .

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