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Triple Kirks/Exodus


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The new licensing laws' date=' which include the minimum drink price regulations don't come into force until October, so we have yet to find out how damaging they're going to be. Everyone I've talked to on this issue has their own take on how business will be affected. Personally, i think we'll see a small drop in numbers initially, and then a steady rise as punters pick their clubs on the basis of music and atmosphere rather than special drink offers. We may well take custom off the Priory, the Ministry and similar venues.

Incidentallly, it's a bloody stupid idea and it's going to have very little impact on the problems the police and the public are facing in the city centre. As long as people can pick up 24 cans of Tennents for a tenner, or a bottle of vodka for a fiver from supermarkets then the problems will continue. Everyone's just going to get more tanked up before going out. They'll also save their money for the weekend, when the change in drinks price is irrelevant as there are very few offers available on a Friday/Saturday.

It's an unfair restriction of trade against pubs and clubs, and it's going to mean job losses and an even smaller amount of choice for customers as clubs turn to making their entertainment even more commercial and mainstream in order to attract the masses.


Rant over.[/quote']

Couldn't agree more, ill thought out rubbish by people completely out of touch with reality. Can't help wondering if a big chain such as Wetherspoons will try a legal challenge, it does seem like unfair restriction of trade - and I can't help but wonder if we'll see some outlets in places like Stonehaven try and offer cheap weekend nights to try and pull custom out of Aberdeen? Let's face it if folk up here used to go to Brechin then it's not impossible for other outlying towns to do the same - and the police would still have a problem here with buses dropping off paralytic revellers at 4 in the morning!

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louis louie, am i right in saying you DJ at exodus on a saturday night?

i don't go out much on saturday nights but i'm at exodus most friday nights and i can't help wandering if you DJ on the friday nights aswell. i somewhat remember the friday night DJ and the saturday night DJ, if two different people, to look fairly similar. hope i haven't caused any upset!

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